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Four bargain hunting tips

09 Nov 2015
Mark Headshot


amaysim's digital stuffologist

Scoring a good deal is pretty sweet and everyone seems to have a tip or trick they swear by to get the best bargain.

I asked my mates here at amaysim what they relied on when they were on the hunt for a super saving.

1. Two-for-one specials

Min, amaysim's content and community chick

Timing is everything when you’re bargain hunting. Whether it’s picking up at the end of season sales or heading to your local food court for mid-afternoon specials, you could walk away with more than you bargained for simply by doing a little research before timing your trip.

2. Do your homework

Mariah, Marketing Coordinator

Let’s face it – you’re not the only one looking for a good deal. And doing your research before you make a purchase is so much easier with comparison websites. From insurance to shopping you can cut your hunting time down by using a reliable comparison tool.

3. Second hand doesn’t mean second best

Jen, Digital Stuffologist

Scoring big on second-hand items can be as simple as hitting up a community garage sale or op-shop. If you’re more of an online shopper check out sites like Gumtree, that have a cool widget where you can see how much you’d pay for phone on their site, based on whether you want it now or are happy to wait for best price. You’d be surprised what you can find if you’re looking for value without a premium price tag.

4. Try before you buy

If you’re looking for a bargain on a big purchase look at whether you can get a trial first. At amaysim we often run regular offers for new and current customers. Check out our promo codes page to see what our current offers are.

Mark - amaysim’s digital stuffologist