Five apps to make this valentine's day the most romantic ever

05 Feb 2018

Whether you’re in a relationship, single or keeping your options open, no one is immune to the Valentine’s Day blues. Couples may feel obligated to make a big deal out of this occasion – whether it be through grand gestures, expensive gifts or pretentious social media posts, there’s a certain expectation to put your love on display.

On the other end of the spectrum, single people have to put up with being made to feel even more inadequate than usual. Ugh.

No matter which of these scenarios you’re dealing with, why not turn to technology to avoid feeling let down on the 14th of February? These 5 apps will help you have the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever. (Well, maybe. Some personal effort may be required.)

1. Tinder

There’s no point trying to sugar-coat it – Valentine’s Day can suck when you’re single. With smug couples flaunting their love everywhere you turn, it’s all too easy to forget how great the single life can be. So why not do something about it? Trying to meet your soulmate before the 14th of February might be a bit ambitious, but there’s nothing to stop you from going out and finding a hot date.

If you’ve never used Tinder before, it’s easy to get the hang of – all you need to do is set up a profile and start browsing nearby singles (well, hopefully they’re single). Tinder uses your geographical location to determine which profiles you can see, making it easy to find potential partners in your neighbourhood. Even if you don’t meet anyone you like all that much, it’s better than spending Valentine’s Day at home crying about how you’re doomed to die alone.

2. Couple

Designed especially for loved-up twosomes, Couple offers a private platform where people in relationships can indulge their romantic side in a digital space. Connecting millions of couples all over the world, it’s the perfect social networking app to celebrate your love away from prying eyes.

It’s a more private (and less annoying) alternative to becoming one of those couples who flood their friends’ newsfeeds with cringe-worthy status updates and photos. No matter how much you like your significant other, your followers probably don’t need to be reminded of your undying love every day. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, where public displays of affection can come across as manufactured and performative, Couple is just for you and your partner.

You can share calendars, mark special occasions, and even “touch” through your phone using the Thumbkiss feature (Thumbkiss allows users to touch the screen of their device at the same time and "feel" one another via a slight vibration through the phone). How romantic.

3. Etsy

Chocolate and bouquets may be sweet, but they’re also a little predictable. Instead of being so basic this Valentine’s Day, why not get your partner something really special? From cute coffee mugs to monogrammed cushions, Etsy is a goldmine of romantic gift ideas.

Whether you’re looking for antique treasures or personalised presents, you can search for practically any item in this global marketplace. Just be sure to place you order with a few weeks to spare – you’d hate for your present to not turn up in time for Valentine’s Day.

4. Opentable

Not sure where to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you forgot to make dinner reservations until the last minute? OpenTable can help you plan the perfect date night. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy an ultra-romantic candlelit dinner with your significant other or a more casual night out at your favourite pizzeria, it can help you discover dining options in your area by recommending the most highly rated venues.

You can find restaurants by cuisine, location and price using OpenTable. The app’s database includes photos and reviews of restaurants, along with recommendations based on your personal preferences. And every time you use the OpenTable app, you’ll earn rewards that can be put towards future meals.

5. Daily love quotes

If you really want to embrace the cheesiness of Valentine’s Day (or you’re just trying to thaw your cold, dead heart), download Daily Love Quotes. Designed to send a romantic quote to your phone every 24 hours, this app can help put you in the mood for the 14th of Feb.

Daily Love Quotes may sound lame, but it might be nice to get the occasional romantic quote alongside all your work emails and Facebook notifications. To treat your inner romantic all year round, you could opt to keep Daily Love Quotes on your phone even after Valentine’s Day.

Find your perfect match

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