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iPhone vs Samsung

How to transfer from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Mobile Device

05 Jun 2020


amaysim's tech geek

So you’ve decided to change your operating system. Making the switch between smartphones devices such as a Samsung Galaxy and an iPhone can seem drastic, but honestly, the transition is not hard at all these days.

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Transferring contacts from an iPhone to Android

One of the first things we do when we get a new phone is to make sure our old contacts are switched across to the new phone. When we stick with the same operating software (or OS), there are built-in systems to make the data transfer easy. Knowing how to transfer contacts from iPhone to your new Samsung device is essential.

Most new phones come with cables that you can plug into either phone to sync your contacts. The process to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung is simple - Samsung uses software called Smart Switch. Samsung Smart Switch is an easy app that will transfer information from your old phone to your new one.

When going through the setup process on your new Android device, you’ll see a “transfer from iOS device’ option. If you go ahead and set up without using this option, you’ll still be able to access the app again at a later stage.

Once you’ve found the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App in the Google Play store, you can transfer the data from your iPhone using the USB connection option, or over Wi-Fi if your data is backed up to iCloud.

You can also go into your iCloud, export your contacts into a vcard file, and then import them into your Google account that you’ll use on your new phone.

Transferring photos from iPhone to Android

No one wants to lose all the photos they’ve taken with their phone. When you transfer photos from your old iPhone, make sure you bring all your photos with you.

If you’re looking at how to transfer photos from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy, the simplest method will be via Samsung’s Smart Switch app again. It’s the best way to transfer data from iPhone to an Android using a cable or wireless internet.

The app will allow you to transfer not only contacts and photos but also messages, applications and games, and videos.

Transferring game data

One of the more frustrating aspects of transitioning from iPhone to Samsung or Android is the loss of all your game data. Yep, it won’t transfer across.

Let’s say you’ve got a really high score in a game you play on your phone and you don’t want to lose it, you’re in for a spot of bad luck. A bigger pill to swallow is that that goes for all games and all game purchases. Any game you purchased from the Apple store will not be accessible from your new phone as it will use the Google Play store.

Some games might let you login across platforms, but most use the Apple or Google software, which stores all your logins for you. For this reason, some people hold onto their old phones so they can play the games they spent money on and love.

In that case, a data only SIM will come in handy when you want to log on to your old phone and continue levelling up on your favourite iOS games.

Learning how to use your new phone

Now that you’ve transferred all the essentials over to your new phone, you have to get comfortable using your new phone. Each brand of phone will feel a little different to use, but fortunately, all Android phones use the same OS so once you’ve become accustomed you’re basically a pro (which makes upgrading to a new phone next time a lot easier).