How the nbn is changing the way Australians watch sport

15 Mar 2018

Australia is a proud sporting nation. Whether it’s AFL, NRL or cricket, passionately following your favourite team is a national pastime. In fact, Australians love sport so much that most of us confess to pulling an all-nighter in order to watch a game. And as the country’s internet continues to improve, so have the ways fans can watch and engage with their favourite sports and teams.

enjoy high quality streaming

Everyone knows that in order to really enjoy streaming sport at home, you need a good internet connection. No one likes waiting for a game to buffer and there is nothing fun about a screen so pixelated you can’t tell the players apart. However, thanks to the nbn, this nightmare is becoming a thing of the past. Aussie viewers can now enjoy the highest-quality streaming experience with crystal-clear images and sound – and no lag.

turn your living room into a high-tech stadium

The most exciting way to watch a game has always been from the grandstands. But believe it or not, your living room could soon be giving stadiums a run for their money. Thanks to the nbn, Australians can now turn their living rooms into high-tech stadiums. Imagine streaming your favourite sport in high-definition, while your wireless surround-sound speakers deliver crystal-clear audio.

High-speed internet and improved connectivity means sports fanatics will also be able to enhance their steaming experience with cutting-edge tech. Smart televisions, virtual reality headsets and even smart watches that display live scores are slowly becoming a reality. So not only will you have the best seat in the house, you’ll also have the gear to match.

stay in the loop

Fast internet and improved connectivity is also allowing fans to feel more connected to their favourite games. If you’re someone who likes to check live stats on your phone or tablet while watching a game, then you might just be a ‘tech-tator’. Not satisfied with just the big screen, ‘tech-tators’ need multiple connected devices so that they are covering all aspects of the game.

The nbn rollout also means our homes will be better able to cope with more connected devices. So while you’re in the living room live-streaming football, down the other end of the house another family member can be live streaming a different match. All without the streaming quality diminishing or the connection dropping out completely. This is great for those times when your household can’t decide what to stream.

get more of what you want

Fans are now able to stream sports that were previously impossible to watch, from all over the world. Improved streaming quality and advances in digital technology are bringing once-niche sports into the mainstream and creating online communities for fans to interact. So sporting fans are no longer restricted to the mainstream sports that are broadcast on TV. This is especially great for expats in Australia as they can live stream their favourite national sports while living abroad.

upcoming sporting events to stream


sporting event

how to stream

4 August 2017 – 20 May 2018

2017–18 La Liga Santander

2017–18 Serie A TIM

2017–18 Ligue 1 Conforama

12 September 2017 – 26 May 2018

2017–18 UEFA Champions League

6 October 2017 – 5/6 May 2018

2017–18 Hyundai A-League

3 November 2017 – 19 May 2018

2017–18 FA Cup

3 February – 17 March

2018 NatWest Six Nations Championship

1 March – 3 April

2018 Qantas Tour of South Africa (Cricket)

8 March – 2 September

2018 NRL Telstra Premiership season

18 March – 18 November

2018 MotoGP season

22 – 25 March

Formula 1 2018 Rolex Australian Grand Prix

22 March – 29 September

2018 Toyota AFL Premiership

4 – 15 April

2018 Commonwealth Games

  • TBA

5 – 8 April

2018 US Masters Golf Tournament

28 April – 25/26 August

2018 Suncorp Super Netball series

6 June – 11 July

2018 Holden State of Origin series

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