Everyone knows the National Broadband Network is supposed to be fast, but how fast is the nbn™ really?

The nbn has been marketed as the magic fix to all our internet woes, but is it really worth the hype?

Long story short, yes – it is. The nbn can be seriously fast.

Compared to other types of internet, the nbn does have the edge (particularly if you choose the Premium Speed plan). If you’re not sure how nbn speed stacks up against existing networks like ADSL2+ and cable internet, prepare to be enlightened.

out with the old, in with the fast: get to know the nbn

Will moving to the nbn feel like stepping into a dreamland of instant downloads and buffer-free video streaming?

Well, that depends on your current connection and the specific plan you choose to move across to.

nbn compared with ADSL

If you choose our Basic plan, you'll see your internet moving at a similar pace to a decent ADSL connection. In fact, ADSL2+ has a maximum download speed of 24Mbps, however most connections only ever must an average download of just 6Mbps.

Our Standard Plus and Premium plans however are in a completely different league – it’s like driving in a Ferrari at full speed. And once you experience the magic of high-speed internet, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it in the first place.

nbn compared with cable internet

Most cable internet plans operate between 30 and 100Mbps. Depending on the quality of your connection, this means cable internet can be as fast as high-speed nbn (if you’re lucky).

But cable internet doesn’t come cheap. The nbn is a much more cost-effective option, especially considering that the government is covering some of the costs of installation.

nbn compared with wireless 4G internet

With a good signal, wireless 4G internet isn’t that much slower than the fastest nbn plan.

But you’ll need to keep in mind that your 4G connection relies much more on other factors to deliver the best speed possible, including your distance from a tower, location and the device you’re using.

Compared to wireless 4G internet, nbn fixed wireless is a much more dependable option.

the fastest nbn on the block

Did you notice the trend? In most cases, choosing the Premium Speed is the sure fire way to see an incredible improvement in speed compared to your existing internet service.

Slower forms of nbn might be cheaper, and they might be just as good as your current setup. But trust us when we say that the faster services are worth their weight in gold, especially if in your household you’ll have lots of people using the internet at once, or you like to stream cute cat videos late into the night.

Clocking in with download speeds up to 100Mbps, amaysim’s fastest nbn plan lets you do all kinds of cool things online, including:

  • High-definition video streaming
  • Ultra-responsive online gaming
  • And effortless large file downloads

Not to be overdramatic, but this nbn is so fast it would knock even Roadrunner’s socks off… If he wore them… You get the picture, it’s darn fast!

other amaysim nbn speeds

Of course, not everyone needs super speedy internet. If you don’t go online all that much and think you can live without a 100Mbps broadband plan, you can also choose from the following nbn speeds.

Basic Speed

Our slowest and cheapest nbn plan, runs at a similar speed to ADSL2+, making it ideal for emailing, web and social media browsing.

If you’re happy with the performance of your existing ADSL network and don’t plan on ramping up your internet usage at home, you might not need to look much further.

Standard Plus Speed

Providing the perfect middle ground between our fastest and slowest nbn plans, our Standard Plus plan is nothing to sneeze at. This speed can easily meet the needs of medium households who like to stream music, play online games and watch Netflix in HD.

Still unsure ? With no lock-in contracts or standard activation fees, you can always switch between our amaysim nbn speeds and plans as your needs and usage change – plenty of flexibility for all the nbn adopters out there.

see a detailed rundown on amaysim's nbn plans

Got more questions about how the nbn compares to your current broadband network or why making the switch is so important? We can help you figure things out - check out our amazingly simple introduction to the nbn.


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