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Five questions Android users are tired of answering

17 Mar 2016
Mariah - amaysim blogger


amaysim's content guru

What's the worst part of owning an Android phone? Having to answer ridiculous questions from iPhone owners.

I switched from Apple to Android in 2013 and haven’t looked back, I love my Android. My only gripe with having an Android is that iPhone users won’t stop harassing me with the same questions over and over. Any other Android users have the same experience? Here's an article you can send their way.

1. “Do you hate Apple?”

No. I am a big fan of both the orchard fruit and the tech company. I eat an apple most days and own a MacBook Pro. I also use iTunes quite a bit. The truth is, my Android satisfies my leisure and professional needs better than an iPhone. The two big pros for me are Android’s cross-platform flexibility and my ability to customise the User Interface with widgets. I like things that make my life easier. That’s also why I’m with amaysim.

2. “Does it have [insert features]?”

9 times out of 10 my Android has the same or similar features to my friends’ iPhones, whether it’s messaging, video chat, internet browsing, maps, calendar, whatever. And while my Android doesn’t come with Siri, it does come with ‘OK Google’, which misunderstands me just as much as it’s Apple counterpart.

3. “How do you avoid viruses?”

With vitamin C and common sense. My rule is: if I don’t know what it is, I don’t install it. I really only install from Google Play or other reputable App stores. I find no need for a virus scanner because most Androids have a default feature that warns users should an application try to install itself outside Google Play, whether you initiated it or not. Also, vaccination.

4. “Is it user friendly?”

Yep. While each Android manufacturer puts their own stamp on the user experience, Android’s customisable UI lets you tailor your phone’s interface with apps and widgets. My grandma says she finds iPhones easier to use than Android, but we suspect she was just fishing for a fancy rose gold iPhone for Christmas. Well played, Nan.

5. “Do you have to wait ages for apps to hit the Google Play store?”

A little. Apple’s App Store usually gets new Apps first, but Google Play is never far behind. Because App developers making Android Apps have to consider more than 10,000 different devices (compared to Apple’s 10 or so devices) with a range of screen sizes, processors and software in use, it takes them longer to release the Android version of an App. Come on, cut those nerds some slack – they haven’t slept in weeks.

Thanks for reading to the end guys. For all you iPhone users out there, I hope it’s been educational. And for all Android users, I hope it means you’ll get less harassed now.

Until next time!
Mariah – amaysim’s communications coordinator