Are you a little bamboozled by the nbn™? You’re not the only one. This nifty new network is still a mysterious beast to many people.

Even though Aussies clearly love their internet, lots of us are behind the times when it comes to important nbn news.

In fact, 71% of Aussies have no idea how much faster the nbn is or what the different download speeds even mean!

To help you wrap your head around the nbn, we’ve got all the details on how it’ll affect you. Spoiler alert: it’s going to make life a lot easier.

moving to the nbn is mandatory but not automatic

This might be news to you, but getting connected to the nbn doesn’t happen automatically. Your area has to become ready for service (RFS) or scheduled for nbn rollout. When that does happen though you should definitely start scoping out nbn providers and plans for your household.

Making the switch isn’t voluntary either. Whether you like it or not (although we can’t see why anyone wouldn’t like faster internet), your old network will eventually get disconnected. You’ll have roughly 18 months after the initial rollout to get your nbn connection sorted before this happens. RIP ADSL.

when will I get nbn at my house?

This depends on where you live, but the government is hustling to get everyone connected as quickly as possible.

If you’re suffering from nbn FOMO, no need to stress. The nbn rollout schedule includes most regions in Australia (some communities may need to rely on nbn satellite technology to access the internet, but only in very remote areas).

check nbn rollout dates and accessibility

Rest assured, whether you’re a city hipster or a country bumpkin, the nbn will almost certainly be knocking on your door at some point in the not-too-distant future. Most areas should be connected by 2020, providing millions of people with lightning-fast internet.

your nbn connection

According to recent data, it seems that most people are either keen as a bean, signing up for the nbn as soon as it becomes available in their area or putting it off until their current network gets disconnected.

In fact, most of us fall into one of the following groups when it comes to getting ready for the nbn.

The "Can't Wait-ers"

These savvy folks are ready to roll before the nbn is actually rolled out in their area. By doing their research ahead of schedule, they end up with heaps of time to find the most suitable nbn provider. They also get to make the transition with minimal interruption to their internet access. Nice.

The "Jump Right On Board-ers"

People in this category are getting into the action almost immediately. As soon as the nbn™ is available, they’re hitting up the web for info and making their move. Just like the “Can’t Wait-ers”, these people have plenty of time up their sleeve to find the most suitable nbn provider.

The "Alright Alright-ers"

With the cut-off date fast approaching, these people decide they’d better make the switch before it’s too late. This doesn’t leave them with much time to compare providers, but it’s still a better option than waiting until the old network goes dark.

The "Hey, Where Did My Internet Go-ers"

Imagine coming home one day to find your internet has been disconnected. Unless you get on board with the nbn within 18 months of it becoming available in your area, you may have to deal with this very scenario (no, thank you). While you should be notified before your current network gets the chop, by that point you won’t have as much time to get organised.

The sooner you start preparing for the nbn’s arrival in your area, the better. Already started planning ahead? So have we! For those lucky enough to have access to the nbn already, we’ve got three amaysim nbn plans for you to choose from.

Want some more info? Head here to learn more about amaysim nbn.

don't get left behind

Think you’re ready to jump aboard the nbn bandwagon? Remember that the plan you choose can influence your internet experience.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for an nbn plan is speed. If you only use the internet for browsing social media and checking emails, you probably don’t need to pay for an ultra-fast plan. However, if video buffering or computer game lag negatively affects your time in the house, splashing a little extra cash on the speediest service available might be the way to go.

Here's a quick breakdown of the download speeds currently available on the nbn with amaysim:

  • Premium Speed: banish buffering forever with the fastest speed available on the nbn. Our Premium Speed plan is like the Ferrari of download speeds. It allows for super-responsive online gaming and high-resolution video streaming.
  • Standard Plus Speed: for slightly larger households and small businesses. Our Standard Plus Speed plan can easily meet more demanding internet requirements like HD video streaming and online gaming.
  • Basic Speed: this speed is ideal for families with regular internet needs like web browsing and shopping online. Current internet networks like ADSL can reach these speeds, so if you really want to experience the magic of the nbn we recommend opting for a faster plan.

See a detailed breakdown of the nbn speeds.

As one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Australia, there’s no question the nbn will have an effect on your day-to-day life. To ensure you’re prepared to take advantage of the rollout, sign up to hear all the latest nbn news here.


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