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Are you a good Facebook friend?

12 Nov 2012
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amaysim's content guy

Do you ‘like’ your mates’ posts on Facebook? Post every few days? Quick with a compliment?

According to a survey we commissioned earlier in August, you sound like the ideal Facebook friend! However, if you’re like me and post endless pics of dodgy meals and check in a lot on holidays to show how cool and worldly you are, it looks like you might not be top of ‘liked’ list.

What makes a top Facebook friend?

It’s pretty simple really – our results showed that what makes a good mate online also makes a good buddy offline. If you want your friends to feel warm and fuzzy like their status updates, make them laugh or a give them a pat on the back for a job well done. Sounds pretty simple and they’re your friends, so they’ll like you anyway … right?

What gets up your nose?

Apparently not. Our survey results show we’re pretty harsh judges when it comes to what fills our news feed. Actions that have people searching for a dislike button include using Facebook like a diary (42% of people hate this), endless food photos (a no-go for 40% of people) and posting pics of your mates that won’t exactly win them a modelling contract.

As a guy who loves sharing photos of my latest late-night Mexican discovery or dodgy burger with the lot, I’m devastated to see I’m falling into the annoying bucket (although I’m sure this will be no surprise to my mates).

Mates for life

Even though people have a few gripes with their Facebook friends, it looks like Aussie mateship is alive and well. Over half of us have never defriended anyone, so we’re pretty accepting of our mates as they are (which is a good thing or I’d be able to count my online mates on one hand).

What are your thoughts? Do you reckon you’re a good Facebook friend (35% of people we surveyed admit they’re not!)? Do you love daily updates? Or do you prefer occasional, juicy posts? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We’ll “like” you for it … promise :)