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An iPhone on 4G streaming music

4G myths busted

19 Mar 2015
Peter - amaysim blogger


amaysim's Head of IT Operations

4G comes with a swag of benefits but, as with any exciting new technology, there are a few myths floating around about its capabilities.

As many of you folks know, 4G is coming to amaysim and we’re pumped. So I thought it was time to bust some myths by answering some of the 4G questions you’ve asked on social media.

1. MYTH: Moving to 4G will improve all aspects of my phone

Moving to 4G won’t improve your golf game but it can significantly speed up your internet experience if you’re in an Optus 4G Plus coverage area and on a 4G plan, which is awesome. That means:

• Websites will be snappier to load.

• Streaming, downloading and sharing files will be faster.

• Picture quality will be crisper when watching HD content.

• Youtube will be quicker to load with less buffering.

• Video calls will look and feel more realistic.

• Real-time gaming will be smoother with less latency.

Indoor coverage can also be improved on the Optus 4G Plus network because of its 700MHz frequency (again you need a 4G handset and to be in a 4G coverage area). Other 4G frequencies offer similarly fast internet speeds but none come close to the ability of 700MHz to penetrate through walls and buildings.

For everything else 3G still has you covered.

2. MYTH: 4G uses more data than 3G

4G uses the same amount of data as 3G when it comes to completing the same task. So this myth is basically busted. However with the extra speed of 4G you might find yourself doing more stuff online which means you might use more data in a month. Just keep an eye on your usage on My amaysim if you think you’re doing more activity online than usual.

3. MYTH: All smartphones are 4G compatible

A lot of new smartphones on the market are 4G compatible, but not all. To make sure yours is, check out our list of 4G compatible smartphones or double-check on Google.

That’s it from me. If you have any more tech questions put them in the comments or head to our website for more information.