Separating fact from fiction - the biggest myths about the nbn

29 Dec 2017

What do you know about the nbn™? Or, more importantly, is what you know the truth? Let’s debunk some of the greatest myths about the nbn.

Did you know that ‘nbn’ was originally the acronym for Never Bag Nutella, the lobby group against the discrimination of this marvellous spread? Or that the first draft of the nbn plan was to spread string across Australia with paper cups on the ends, so you could communicate via string with everyone?

Well, did we fool you? Didn’t think so.

We’re a little late to the game of creating myths about the nbn, but there are plenty still out there. So someone had better go Mythbusters on the nbn and sort out what’s actually going to change when it fully rolls out.

And maybe that someone is us.

myth: Australia doesn't need faster internet


If you’re sitting at home watching Netflix in your completely non-nbn home thinking ‘how can it get better than this?’ get ready for a shock. You’re currently downloading, at best, around 24Mbps. Pretty decent rate, but that looks like a rowboat compared to the NBN.

This supercharged jet-ski of the internet world can deliver up to 100Mbps. For anyone streaming HD content, gaming online, or video conferencing anyone else, you could finally do it without constant interruptions.

myth: my old internet will still work, so it's all good


Remember analogue TV? Plenty of people didn’t buy into the digital TV revolution, leaving it until right at the end to make the switch.

Well it’s true – the day is coming when your ADSL connection will send its final bit. Only switching internet plans isn’t quite as simple as just plugging in a new TV. This time, it’s worth being a little ahead of the game.

myth: the nbn won't affect regional Australia

50 shades of busted

Right, whose myth was that? It couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, the outback stands to benefit the most from the nbn rollout. A staggering 93% of Australian households stand to benefit from top-of-the-line nbn coverage. And that last 7%? They’re getting standard copper cable, a vast improvement from the nothing they had prior.

So saying the NBN won’t help regional Australia is like saying Nutella won’t help bread. That’s its job.

the busted identity

Oh, you fool. Cellular data is great for when we’re out and about, and with the right plan, you can download at near ADSL speeds. But is that going to cut it when Game of Thrones returns? No one wants to see Cersei come face to face with the Night King in low-res.

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