UNLIMITED 14GB for the data lovers.

UNLIMITED 14GB: for the data lovers

31 Mar 2016

If you’ve found yourself here then chances are you’re interested in finding out more about our UNLIMITED 80GB.

UNLIMITED plans or as I like to call them, our ‘one decision’ plans come with unlimited standard national and international talk and text - all you have to do is pick your data. Sounds good right? Read on to find out more.

What do you get with UNLIMITED 80GB

If you love scrolling, streaming and rely on the net for everything you do, then this data-stacked plan might be the one for you. For just 50 a every 28 days you get:


With big plans come big questions! Why not take a gander at the list of commonly asked questions below to find out a bit more about our UNLIMITED 80GB plan.

Looking for more info on UNLIMITED 80GB?

If you’re still not sure if UNLIMITED 80GB is the right plan for you, head to our compare plans page to find your perfect match.

Fel - amaysim’s customer gal