Understanding your data use

05 May 2015

Have you noticed there’s rarely a moment when we’re not streaming, scrolling or swiping these days? Check out my tips for keeping your data use in check.

Now that’s nothing to feel guilty about. That’s why we increased the data inclusions on all our UNLIMITED plans. With extra data to keep the good times scrolling you’ll need to stay on top of your usage.

Play around with the amaysim Data Calculator

Getting to know your usage habits is a great way of staying in control of your data use and deciding whether you’re on the right plan. But you’d be surprised by how much of the good stuff you manage to chip away at every month – so don’t underestimate how much data you actually use.

Why not take the amaysim Data Calculator for a spin? Pop in how much time you spend doing certain things online and you’ll get an estimate of how much data you might typically use in a month, which can help you decide what amaysim mobile or data plan will suit you best.

Use Wi-Fi where you can

Free Wi-Fi is like pizza – even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

Connecting to Wi-Fi where you can means that you can save the data in your plan for when you’re out and about. Get in the habit of connecting to Wi-Fi where you know the connection will be reliable, like at home or work. There are actually a bunch of places that offer free Wi-Fi, so always keep your eyes peeled for one that you can connect to.

Are you on 4G?

There are a lot of myths floating around about 4G, the most common of which is that 4G uses more data than 3G – but consider this 4G myth busted. 4G actually uses the same amount of data as 3G to perform individual tasks, it just does things faster. Working at a faster pace means that you can do more with 4G data than you would with a 3G service, but doing more also runs the risk of going over your data limit. To stay ahead you can use any one of these services to check your data balance:

  • Log in to My amaysim to track your data usage, or use your free amaysim app for Apple and Android;
  • Text ‘BAL’ to 568 to see how much data you’ve got left in your monthly plan; and
  • Pay attention to our data usage alerts – we’ll let you know when you hit 50%, 85% and 100% of the included data in your mobile or data plan by email and text message. You should adjust your data usage when you start getting closer to your limit.
  • If you do go over your limit additional data is 7.2c/MB or $10/1GB

If you have any more questions about your data usage head to our online Help and Support – it’s available 24/7 and has heaps of answers just waiting for you!


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