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Optus 2g Network Tower

Optus’ 2G network in service until 1 April 2017

01 Dec 2016
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Kicking off on 1 April 2017 (no this isn’t a joke!) Optus will be switching off its 2G network.

This means amaysim customers with a 2G device or 3G single band device (such as the iPhone 3GS) will need to upgrade their mobile before this date to continue getting access to the Optus network.

We’ll be in touch directly with any customers affected in the coming months to ensure they’re ready for the change but wanted to pop up this blog now to help answer some of your questions so you’re not left wondering what’s the G-O.

Why is the 2G network being shut down?

The Optus 2G network was launched back in 1993. Needless to say a lot has changed in that time and it’s no longer up to speed anymore (pun intended).

How do I know if I have a 2G device?

You can check if your device uses the 2G network by looking for a 2G, GPRS, EDGE or E icon at the top of the devices screen.

How do I know if I have a 3G single band device?

I know it’s a bit technical but 3G single band devices use 2G when outside the coverage of our carrier’s 3G mobile network. If you notice the 3G icon when you’re outdoors in cities and towns, but almost always shows a 2G, GPRS, EDGE or E icon in other situations, then it is likely that you have a 3G single band device.

As mentioned, we’ll be in touch soon if you’re affected. In the meantime, if you want to hunt around for a cheap 3G/4G handset while you’re doing a bit of festive season shopping, here’s some tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for a new handset:

  • Shop around to find a phone which is going to suit your needs (and budget)
  • You might want to think about upgrading, but you should only consider a phone with all of bells and whistles if you’re actually going to use them
  • You can keep your existing number
  • If your SIM does not fit your new phone, here’s a blog on how to replace your SIM