How to make International Calls from Australia

13 Feb 2015

We all rate our mates and family (most of the time), but keeping in touch can be difficult if you’re separated by a continent or two.

We reckon we can help you out with this one – here at amaysim, we’ve got some of the best international call and message rates in all of Oz, so preserving your geographically-challenged relationships won’t be a major burden on your wallet.

But if you’re still a bit confused about how to make an international call (and to be frank, we’ve all be there at one point in time), we’ve pulled together a quick guide to help take you through it step by step.

Do you have enough credit to make an international call?

Our range of mobile plans and international phone plans make it easy to keep in contact with friends and family overseas and our low cost international rates mean you won’t need to break the bank to do so.

All UNLIMITED plans include unlimited standard international talk and text to 19 countries.

To call or text other countries, you'll need additional credit in your account (if you're prepaid), or will find charges for any additional international usage on your next monthly bill (if you're Postpaid).

The exception to this are the UNLIMITED 1GB and UNLIMITED 5GB plans which do not include international talk and text and will be charged at our low-cost international rates for any international usage.


If you're on AS YOU GO, you'll be charged at our low cost international rates and will need additional credit in your account (if you're Prepaid), or will find the charges for any international usage on your next monthly bill (if you're Postpaid).

How can I make an international call?

When you break it down, making an international call isn’t that confusing at all – it’s best to think of it like a mini equation. Here’s what you need to know when making a call to an international mobile number:

  • + (you need to use the + symbol every time you make an international call out of Australia);
  • The country code for the country you are calling. You can get a list of country codes from our International Rates page;
  • And the mobile number (if the number starts with an 0, leave it out)

The equation is a bit different if you're calling from a landline:

  • Add a + symbol
  • The country code;
  • The area or city code for where the landline is situated (a quick Google search should tell you what it is);
  • And the landline number

So, if you want to make a call from Australia to Auckland, New Zealand, this is what it would look like:

+ 64 (the country code) 9 (the area code) [the landline]

Got it? It'll take you a few goes to really get the hang of it, but it's no more difficult than any other equation we had to master back in school - practice does make perfect!

If you need more help on calling specific countries, please see our guides on how to call internationally from Australia below:


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