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How do I download the beta app?

Quick answer

After you sign up to become a member of the amaysim Beta Program we'll get in touch to walk you through the next steps and provide some instructions on how to download the beta app. Keep in mind that the steps to download are different for iOS and Android.

Just a note that space is limited in the Beta Program for iOS users, so if we haven't gotten in touch with you it's likely that the space available has hit capacity.

What is TestFlight and why did I receive an email from them?

Quick answer

TestFlight is part of the iTunes App Store, and we're using it to conduct the testing for our iOS Beta app. If you receive an email from TestFlight, don't worry, it's from us! It will have instructions and a link to download the iOS Beta app.

How do I provide my feedback to amaysim?

Quick answer

All feedback is welcome! The best way to provide feedback is from within the app itself, however you can also provide feedback via the feedback form.

Can I leave the amaysim Beta Program?

Quick answer

There's absolutely no pressure for you to stay in the Beta Program. If you want to opt out of participating, just let us know by emailing us at research@amaysim.com.au.