Join the Australian Do Not Call Registry

fed-up of receiving unwanted telemarketing calls and text messages?

Are you continuously being bothered by:

  • unsolicited contact from telemarketing and research calls and no caller id numbers,
  • receive calls from political parties and government body organisations,
  • text messages that say you've won billions of dollars (scam alert!),
  • excessive nuisance calls such as hoax calls, silence or hang up calls or
  • malicious calls or messages containing personal threats or abusive language?

Unsolicited telemarketing companies see your mobile phones as a goldmine. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to help you stop these annoying, unsolicited calls and messages in their tracks.

A simple tip to remember to help prevent these unsolicited telemarketing calls from beginning is to be wary where you are giving out your contact details.

Please note, if you're receiving harassing calls or messages that are life threatening, please contact the police immediately. Police authorities will liaise with us if they require further information.

Want to stop unsolicited telemarketing calls?

The Do Not Call Register is an integrated public number database where you can register to opt-out of receiving unsolicited calls. Registration is free and once you have registered online your number will be on the registry forever.

Once you’ve registered, telemarketers have 30 days to stop contacting you. Using this platform, you can also check the status of your number and lodge complaints.

To un-list your mobile number from directories such as the White Pages, we recommend contacting us.

We’ll send a request for your number to be removed - the time it takes for your number to be removed will depend on a number of different factors, including how often the directory is updated with new information.

You can however remove your number from the national do not call register by calling 1300 792 958 or filling out the online form with your number and contact details.

The call register is now permanent, so if you have already registered your number on the do not call register, you will not have to reregister your contact details. Check here to see if your number has already been registered.

the best option is prevention

To avoid your mobile number from being listed in the first place. Make sure you’re opting-out of marketing communications when disclosing your contact information to companies. And be sure to always read the fine print about sharing your contact details with third parties.

While changing your phone number can be seen as a hassle when it comes to updating your network of friends and family about your new number, sometimes it’s a necessary change.

If you’re using an amaysim SIM and are looking to change your mobile number, please contact us on Live Chat (or via email if out of hours) so we can assist you with making the change.

One of the easiest ways to stop unwanted calls and messages is to simply block the number directly from your phone - this feature is only available to known numbers and you can’t block private numbers using this method.

blocking a number using iPhone:

  • Save the number you want to block as a contact
  • Tap the phone icon
  • Select the contact you want to block (from your Contact or Recent list)
  • Press the information icon
  • Scroll down to Block this Caller
  • Then tap Block Contact

If this doesn’t work on your particular device or iOS version, please refer to your mobile phones user guide.

blocking specific numbers on Android:

  • Tap the phone icon
  • Tap Settings then tap Call Blocking
  • Tap Block list
  • Ente the number you want to block or find it in your recent calls list
  • Than tap the plus button (+)

If this doesn’t work on your particular device or version of Android, please refer to your mobile phones user guide.

If you're receiving harassing calls or messages that are life threatening, please contact the police immediately.

For other unwanted calls, if you're receiving multiple calls from the same number, you can report these by lodging an unwelcome call form.

If your request is valid, a letter may be sent to the customer by their service provider, requesting that they stop making contact with you. If they continue to contact you, the user's service may be suspended or disconnected.

If these messages are from telemarketers: follow the prompts listed in the message, such as replying STOP or Opt-out”. You may receive text messages from unknown numbers which look very suspicious, it is important to delete these messages and definitely do not share any of your contact details.

If the number is known: you can block it by following the ‘block specific numbers” processes listed above.

While the Do Not Call Register does not extend to SMS, you can forward the unwanted SMS to the government body, ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) at 0429 999 888.

ACMA will then investigate the source and record the text details in their database. You can explore ways to disrupt the spam text messaging, however, this will not automatically stop the messages.

Telemarketers, researchers and fax marketers have to abide by two industry standards about how and when they can contact you. These two industry standards apply to any individual or organisation that makes or arranges for telemarketing/research calls to be made or marketing faxes to be sent to Australian numbers, even those not on the register. There are however some public interest organisations, including registered charities and social researchers, that are exempt under the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (DNCR Act) is.

The two industry standards monitored by the Australian Communications and Media Authority are:

It may take up to 30 days for political parties, telemarketers and fax marketers to recognise that you registered online to join the do not call registry.

If you and your family are still receiving calls on your mobile phones and fax machines 30 days after joining the registry, you can lodge a complaint here

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