how does refer a friend work?

How do I refer a friend?

Quick answer

Referring a friend to amaysim is easy.

  1. Confirm you're an amaysim customer above, by using your phone number and email address
  2. Choose how you want to share your referral link- by Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or create a unique link
  3. Share your unique link with your friends, and pester them to sign up to one of our great UNLIMITED plans so you get some cheeky credit!

Once your friend has signed up using your unique share link and has started using their amaysim service, both you and your friend will have your free amaysim credit automatically applied to your accounts, to use any way you like.

After I refer a friend, when do I get my free credit?

Quick answer

You'll both receive your credit once your friend signs up for an UNLIMITED plan and uses their amaysim service for the first time. If the credit doesn't appear in your account, it means your friend hasn't started using their amaysim service yet – so remind them to get going!

If you're on prepaid, you'll see it as additional credit when you login.

If you're on postpaid, you'll see it taken off your next bill.