How to call GERMANY from Australia

Need help calling Germany from Australia? We have all the information you need.

To call a German phone number from Australia, start with the country code +49, then add the area code and the local number.

E.g. To dial a German number (30) 1234 5678 from an Australian mobile, you’d dial: +49 30 1234 5678

From a landline, replace the + with 0011, followed by 49 (Germany's country code), the area code, and the local number.

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Understanding international dialling codes might seem daunting at first. It's essential to know both the country and area codes for the call.

In this guide, we've compiled all the necessary details for calling Germany from Australia. Prepare to effortlessly stay in touch with your loved ones around the world with just a simple phone call!


  1. Enter the + on your dial pad to get the international exit code.
  2. Enter Germany's country code (49).
  3. Enter the area code.
  4. Enter the local number.

For example:

If you want to call Germany number (30) 1234 5678  from an Australian mobile you’d dial:

calling a landline number in China from a mobile

  1. Enter the Australian exit code (0011).
  2. Enter Germany's country code (49).
  3. Enter the area code.
  4. Enter the local number.

If you want to call Germany number (30) 1234 5678 from an Australian landline, you’d dial:

calling US from a mobile, exit code 0011, 1 country code, 212 area code, 361 4595 local number

Knowing these international dialling codes is important, but before you dial you also need a mobile plan that includes international minutes.

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Australian Exit Code (0011)
This number allows you to call international numbers.

Germany country code (49)
The international code to dial into Germany.

Area code
Specific to a region within Germany, normally attached to the local number.

Local number
The specific telephone number you wish to call.

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