For some time now, Vaya has been part of the amaysim family and we’ve been working hard to bring the best of both brands into one.

While this means saying goodbye to Vaya, we are excited to let you know how we’ll be welcoming you to amaysim.

We have prepared the below FAQs to give you all the information you need to know before and after moving to amaysim.


By bringing together the strengths of Vaya and amaysim under one brand through the closure of Vaya, we are ready to deliver an exceptional experience to all our customers. This allows us to combine the best features of both brands, offering superior products, enriching experiences, and unparalleled support.

If your service remains active with Vaya up until your communicated move date, you will be automatically upgraded to amaysim. We’ll send you a reminder closer to your migration date.

No. Your existing SIM will work on amaysim when we move your number across.

Yes. Only your account number will change. Your confirmation email will contain your new amaysim account number.

No. You will keep your existing mobile number.

No, you won’t lose connection while we move you to amaysim.

In case you have any issues just switch your phone off and on.

Yes. You will start a new amaysim contract which is not locked into a plan. Your service will continue to be on a month-to-month plan.

You can get familiar with our terms and policies in the following links:

Fair Go Policy
Critical Information Summaries.

Vaya is a part of amaysim, so we already share certain operational functions to ensure the best possible service for our customers. Your personal information is a crucial aspect of this commitment to providing you with a seamless and efficient experience.

As part of moving your service to amaysim, your personal information will continue to be protected and migrated securely to amaysim’s systems.

We will create a new account for all your services. After your move is complete, you can keep your amaysim services separate or talk to our team about options to consolidate your services.

Yes. The number 0421 263 657 is used by amaysim to send marketing and service related messages. Vaya will also use this number to keep customers up to date on their move to amaysim.

If you don't want to be moved to amaysim, you’ll need to switch your number from Vaya to another provider before your communicated migration date, as this is the date that your Vaya account will be closed.


amaysim uses the same Optus network as Vaya does, so you can expect your coverage to be the same.

amaysim also gives you access to VoLTE, which for customers with a compatible phone will improve your network experience. Read more about VoLTE

In addition, some plans will give you access to 5G. Please refer back to the email that we sent you for more details.

Most customers will receive equal or better inclusions for the same price, or at a lower price.

Yes. We’ll continue to bill you monthly.

You'll get your amaysim mobile plan upgrade as soon as you are moved to amaysim. Look out for a confirmation email in your inbox.

Yes, your recorded announcement and any messages in your voicemail box will be preserved.


You’ll receive your first bill a few days after being moved to amaysim.

Your bill date may move to a few days later than it currently occurs to align with when your services are moved to amaysim. We’ll confirm the new date in your confirmation email.

No. However, to adjust your bill cycle to amaysim we’ll include an adjustment in your first bill for the period between your old Vaya renewal date and your new amaysim renewal date, this is also known as ‘pro rata’.

If you pay with BPAY, check your first amaysim bill for the new BPAY biller ID and reference. If you have BPAY already setup, you must change the details for your new amaysim account.

If you use direct debit or credit card to pay your existing Vaya bill, those payment methods will be transferred across to your amaysim account.

Your last Vaya bill will be issued 1 month before your moving date. Once you are transferred to amaysim, we’ll check your final Vaya month for any excess usage and transfer that to your first amaysim bill.

When we complete the transfer of your services to amaysim, we will close your Vaya account and move any remaining credit to your new amaysim account.

We will move any final balance due to your new amaysim account. If you don’t have any active services, we won’t open an amaysim account for you and you will need to pay your final Vaya bill when it’s due.