WWDC 2019 - Apple unveils iOS 13

04 Jun 2019

After months of speculation; iOS 13 has officially been unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose.

at a glance: what you need to know

  • Dark mode has been made official and will debut with iOS 13 #yassss
  • Speedy Gonzales; app launch speed is set to be twice as fast, while Face ID unlocking will be 30% faster than before
  • Apple Maps is in for a serious upgrade, featuring an immersive 3D experience
  • Apple News+ will become available in the UK and Australia
  • Some snazzy personalisation upgrades for Memoji
  • Improved portrait lighting, plus a beautiful new way of automatic organisation for the Camera Roll.
  • The ability for Siri to read and reply to messages via your AirPods
release details
  • WWDC June 4 2019 - iOS 13 beta release
  • July 2019 - iOS 13 public beta will launch for eager tech heads
  • Early September 2019 - iOS 13 Final Dev version
  • Mid-September 2019 - A public release of iOS 13 will launch to coincide with Apple's 2019 iPhone range
Image Courtesy of Apple

dark mode

iOS 13 will include a system-wide dark mode for the first time, a feature iOS users have been asking for over the years.

Dark mode will match the dark mode feature that was first introduced on macOS Mojave, helping optimise viewing for users at night. It's a great feature when you're scrolling on your iPhone at night and want to avoid those bright, bluish hues.

It should also help also save on battery life on newer OLED-equipped iPhones.

need for speed

People are holding onto their iPhones for longer, and it's something that Apple seems to be acknowledging, with iOS13 set to bring some legitimate speed enhancements.

The most important iOS 13 speed improvement stats: app launch speed up to twice as fast, while Face ID unlocking is set to be 30% faster than before.

Apple has also found a way to make app downloads smaller, up to 60% on average.

maps revamp

Apple Maps is getting its own version of Google Maps Street View, with an immersive 3D experience letting you tap into a spot on the map and look around at a 360-degree photo of what’s in that location.

You'll also be able to build lists and collections of local favourites, allowing you to easily share your favourite hotspots with friends.

Apple said its updated maps will be available across the US and in “select other” countries by the end of the year, so fingers crossed Australia is part of the launch group.

making siri less robotic

There's a new Siri voice debuting with iOS 13 and it sounds a lot more natural than before.

You'll likely notice a difference when Siri says longer phrases, like reading News reports aloud or answering long-winded questions.

Good timing, because with the arrival of iOS 13, Siri will be able to read incoming messages and pipe them through your buds.


memoji makeover

Memoji is set for a makeover for iOS 13 with new hairstyles, headwear, makeup and, of course, a range of new accessories (featuring AirPods of course).

You'll be able to share your own personalized Memoji with contacts through iMessages.

Your own contacts can see your Memoji, but only if you grant permission.

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