The best ways to sell, trade in, recycle, or donate your old mobile phone

20 Apr 2021

New phones are exciting! They’re full of new software, exciting new features, faster results, and fancy new cameras. But you’re stuck with your old phone that’s mostly useless at this point.

There’s no working sim card in it so it’s effectively just an MP3 player again. You could always use it as a backup phone if your new one breaks or get a data-only SIM so it can be used for emergencies or gaming.

Just remember, before you do get rid of an old phone to remove any personal information from it.

How to sell old mobile phones

Buying a new phone is often expensive! A little extra cash from selling your old phone can make buying a new one a lot easier. You can sell your phone yourself on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or take it to a specialised store that can exchange a mobile phone for cash.

If your old iPhone is collecting dust, sell it and put those savings towards a new phone or towards something else you need. Most of the time, the person who buys your old phone makes better use of it than you would.

How to trade in an old mobile phone

Trading in your old phone is a great way to get rid of a device that’s just going to be junk while also saving some money. Each retailer will have different offers on trade-ins, but you can save hundreds of dollars by trading in your old phone when you buy a new one. If you trade in an old iPhone for a new one, you could save up to $560.

If you’re an Android user, check out their Trade Up offers before thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy outright.

To learn how to trade in an iPhone or an old Android device, be sure to chat with the sales associate at the store where you’re buying your new phone. Make sure you transfer all your data across to your new phone or back it up on a cloud service if you don’t want to lose any of your photos, contacts, and information.

You can also trade in an old phone towards a new iPad or tablet instead of a new phone. Our data-only plans are perfect for tablets!

How to recycle an old phone

Recycling glass, plastic, and paper is common, but phone recycling is an option too! Figuring out how to recycle your mobile phones doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out Planet Ark (one of the best sources for mobile phone recycling and all other types of recycling) to recycle your phone.

Of course, you can always recycle your phone by giving it new life with a new owner too. I’m sure a little brother or sister has been begging for your old iPhone 7 that’s just sitting in your cupboard.

How to donate an old phone

Just because you can’t use your old phone anymore doesn’t mean someone else can’t. Some services will take old mobile phones for charity and give them to people in need to help them stay connected with loved ones. People who might be able to afford a monthly sim-only plan but don't have the resource to buy a handset could benefit from an old phone that’s just a paperweight to you now.

With your old phone, they can have a functioning mobile phone that can help them achieve their goals.

Donating an old phone to a mobile phone recycling charity is a great way to give back to a community and help someone else. You can even choose the charity that will benefit from your donated phone, from Australian Zoos to Cancer Council.

If you’re interested in finding a plan to suit your needs (maybe you just got someone else’s old phone), check out our range of mobile plans.

If you’re thinking about repurposing your old device, a long expiry mobile plan is a great option. With a one-off upfront payment, you’re able to use tons of data for either 6 months or a year before needing to recharge again!