person on couch marvelling at amaysim's 2023 "Best prepaid mobile plans in Australia 2023 - Finder Award"


23 May 2023

In a year where everyone’s trying to offset rising cost of living pressures, prepaid mobile plans can be a good way to control spending.

These plans allow you to pay for your mobile plan upfront and keep on top of your monthly budget a bit better. 

But before you go hunting down the best prepaid mobile plans just remember they’re not all created equal.

How to choose the best prepaid mobile plan

If you’re looking for the best prepaid plans, there are a few things to consider apart from price and your own budget. 

That’s because you ideally want a plan that offers the most bang for buck with some additional perks and features such as:

1. Network coverage: The network you get your mobile plan on will determine how well you’re covered. This is especially important for people who live outside of metropolitan areas. 

2. Data allowance: It’s best to understand how much data you use each month to avoid paying for extra recharges or paying more for data that you don’t need.

3. International calls: This could be an important perk if you have family or friends overseas and would like to make international calls free of charge.

4. Data banking: This feature allows you to rollover any unused data, meaning it won’t go to waste and you’ll have more freedom to browse and stream on the move with your next recharge. 

How amaysim was ranked in Finder’s ‘Best Prepaid Mobile Plan Providers’

To find the Best Prepaid Mobile Provider for Value, Finder looked at 28 providers that offered plans costing less than $35 a month.

They then gave a value score to each plan based on a number of factors including cost per day, daily cost per gigabyte, network coverage and any applicable download caps.

When it was all said and done, amaysim came out on top for offering its customers the best value for money.

"amaysim is a good example of a provider that offers great bang for buck. You can stick to a budget and access extra bells and whistles on your mobile plan, such as unlimited data banking, local customer support, live chat, free international calls and access to the Optus 4G and 5G network - the second largest network in Australia" Finder’s utilities editor Mariam Gabaji says.

Finder’s 2023 Mobile Awards compared 340 mobile phone plans from 29 providers to help Aussies find the best mobile plans of 2023. The awards use a data-driven approach to ensure that providers are judged fairly and equally to produce the most helpful results for their customers. You can check out the full 2023 best prepaid mobile plan award analysis here.

Prepaid Mobile Plan FAQS

Best prepaid mobile plans in Australia 2023 - Finder Award

According to Finder's 2023 Mobile Awards, amaysim offers the best value for money when it comes to prepaid plans. With great network coverage, generous data allowances, free international calls, and the unique feature of data banking, amaysim prepaid plans stand out from the crowd. The network coverage is particularly important for those living outside of metropolitan areas, and the data banking feature ensures that unused data doesn't go to waste. Additionally, amaysim offers local customer support, live chat, and access to the Optus 4G and 5G network, making it a top choice for anyone looking for a prepaid plan. Trust Finder's data-driven approach and choose amaysim for your next prepaid plan.

What are the advantages of prepaid mobile plans compared to postpaid plans?

  1. No contract: Unlike postpaid plans, prepaid mobile plans do not require a lengthy contract. This means that you have the freedom to switch to a different carrier or plan at any time without any penalty or termination fees.
  2. Budgeting: Prepaid plans allow you to budget your mobile expenses more effectively. You can choose a plan that fits your budget and only pay for the services you need.
  3. Control: With a prepaid plan, you have more control over your mobile usage. You can monitor your data, minutes and text usage and adjust your plan accordingly to avoid overage fees.
  4. No surprises: Prepaid plans offer predictability and transparency. You pay for the services you need upfront, which means you won't get any surprise charges on your bill.

Overall, prepaid mobile plans offer flexibility, control, and predictability that postpaid plans do not. If you're looking for an affordable and customisable mobile plan, then a prepaid plan may be the right choice for you.

What type of mobile plans does amaysim offer?

Amaysim is a popular Australian mobile service provider that offers a wide range of prepaid sim cards to suit everyone's needs. Whether you are looking for a basic plan with just calls and texts or a high-speed data plan aimed at the heavy use crowd with unlimited international calls, amaysim has got you covered.

Their prepaid plans include unlimited talk and text within Australia, generous data allowances, and free international calls to select countries. You can choose from a variety of plan durations ranging from 7 days to 365 days, depending on your usage needs.

Amaysim also offers a range of data plans for tablets and laptops, as well as international roaming options. With access to the Optus 4G and 5G network, you can be assured of fast and reliable connection wherever you are.