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The amaysim guide to tethering

11 Nov 2014
Simon - amaysim blogger


amaysim's customer guy

Did you know you could use your phone to connect your Wi-Fi only devices to the net?

I was thinking the other day about how full on the process to get online used to be. You’d have to dial up to the net through your home phone every time you wanted to chat to your mates on ICQ, and then pray no one called. The struggle was real. These days we walk around with the internet in our pockets without much fuss or fanfare. But did you know you could use your phone to connect your Wi-Fi only devices to the net too?

It’s fairly simple and usually only takes a few steps to get up and going. I’ve popped together a quick guide with some useful tips to get you started and connected in no time.

What is tethering?

Tethering (aka personal hotspot or mobile as a modem) allows you to share the data on your phone with Wi-Fi enabled devices nearby.

Can I tether with amaysim?

Absolutely. If you use an Apple, Android or other phone device you can tether by using the data from your amaysim mobile or data-only plan.

Can all phones tether?

The easiest way to find out if your phone can tether is to hit up Google or to contact the manufacturer of your mobile to find out.

How do I tether?

Now that you know what tethering is and if your phone can do it, you must be keen to get started? Just follow the tips that correspond with your phone and you'll be surfing in no time.

Tethering with an Android

  1. Turn on your 'Personal Hotspot' in the phone's settings
  2. Create a password to keep your connection secure
  3. Connect your computer to your mobile's Wi-Fi (using the password)
  4. Use your mobile's internet connection and connect to the net

Tethering with an iPhone

To enable tethering on your iPhone just text the word ‘TETHER' to 568 and we'll send you an SMS when Personal Hotspots is active on your service.

If you have received a confirmation SMS from amaysim that tethering is active but cannot seePersonal Hotspots on your phone, please follow these steps:

  1. Head to Settings > General > Cellular/Network and then activate Personal Hotspot
  2. Pop in a password in the Wi-Fi Password field
  3. On your computer choose iPhone from the list of network services in your settings
  4. Enter your selected password and connect

If you're after more info on how to tether your device, check your user guide or Google for what you're after using 'tethering' and the model of your phone as the search terms. Always remember, tethering uses your mobile data, and if you want to tether a lot, we strongly suggest adding extra data to avoid any surprises.

I'm a big fan of tethering. It's made me a hero on more than a few occasions when I've shared my internet connection with friends. How do you plan to use tethering to make your day easier?

Simon – amaysim's billing guy