How to use the amaysim data calculator

01 Feb 2016

Don't know how much data you need? We've got our amaysim data calculator to help you out.

I've just bought my first place, so this year is all about saving for me. One of the first places I've looked to cut my expenses is my phone bill. At amaysim we’ve got some pretty decent plans with a bunch of great inclusions. But my first question when looking for the right plan was, how much do I actually need? Luckily we’ve got the amaysim Data Calculator on our website to help folks like me figure out approximately how much data they need.

So how does it work?

With the amaysim Data Calculator all you need to do is move the slider to indicate how many apps you download, emails you read, sites you surf and songs you download every week. You can also include how many hours of video and music you stream and social media you scroll through. Once you’ve popped all your numbers in just check the gig counter at the bottom and it’ll give you an estimate of how many gigs you use every month. Simple stuff.

There’s also extra info in the question marks about each section to help you understand a bit more about your data usage. As well as helpful tips you can use to get the most out of your monthly allowance.

Once you have an idea of around how much data you need it’s easy to choose the right plan. If you're looking at a long expiry mobile plan then remember to use the mobile data calculator to gauge your data usage over 6 months or 365 days.

If you’re keen to see the Data Calculator in action watch the video below or give it a shot yourself.

Did your data calculation surprise you? Share your results and tell us whether it was over or under what you thought you’d get.

Mark - digital stuffologist at amaysim

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