Customer service update

04 Aug 2016

It’s been over five years since we opened the doors of our amaysim customer service centre. In that time, we’ve launched some awesome plans, won a few awards and built a great team culture aimed at helping our customers get the most from their service.

In the spirit of always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to manage their accounts, we’ve developed DIY account management services like our Help and Support and a range of self-service options available through our ‘My amaysim’ account portal. That being said, we’re still working hard every day to improve on this to make managing mobile plans hassle-free for our customers.

As we’ve grown so has the demand for great and speedy online customer service. To help ensure our customers get the support they’re looking for we’re expanding our customer service centre to Manila while re-shaping our core Sydney customer service centre. This allows us to make the best use of our Sydney team as well as spread the amaysim spirit to our in-house colleagues in Manila.

Why are we expanding our customer service team to Manila?

As some of you might know we bought Vaya (an awesome low-cost mobile service provider) earlier this year and in doing so took ownership of Vaya’s Manila-based operations centre. When looking at how this purchase could make Vaya and amaysim better, we saw the opportunity to add some extra grunt to our team with another hub of experts. This gives us a dual-located service and operations centre to look after our Vaya and amaysim customers. While some of our customer service staff may be based overseas this isn’t an outsourcing arrangement - everyone is part of the amaysim team, whether it's amaysim Sydney or amaysim Manila.

How does this arrangement work?

The amaysim Sydney and amaysim Manila teams are working side-by-side in order to reduce wait times for customer service, and ensure our customers have a truly hassle-free experience when contacting us.

The Manila team began helping the Aussie crew a couple of months ago, starting with handling customer enquiries on Live Chat. The team will be ramping up to take on more customer queries, including phone queries and email, over the coming weeks. We’re closely monitoring improvements in the number of chats handled, as well as the satisfaction levels of our customers. The positive numbers we’re seeing on customer satisfaction are proof we have the right model in place. At the same time, the Sydney team of customer service representatives is continuing to remain a point of escalation as well as training and development.

What does this mean for our staff?

As the team in Manila grows to accommodate our increasing customer base, we still have a – albeit smaller - core in-house team in our Sydney HQ. amaysim staff increasingly work across the two locations as one – with the same approach, the same setup, the same processes and the same commitment to our customers.

As part of expanding our customer service across two locations some of the team in our Sydney HQ have been given the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to train their Manila-based colleagues on how to deliver truly amaysim customer service.

Our aim is for all amaysim customers to get quick and quality attention regardless of where our staff happen to be sitting.

What does this mean for our customers?

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the experience our customers have with us. As an online-led, DIY self-service business we empower our customers to seek support through our online resources, like the Help and Support section of our website. But every so often things don’t work as they should and in those moments getting speedy customer service is crucial. Expanding our team to Manila means shorter wait times, quality support and fast solutions to your support questions.

As one of the guys championing our customer service efforts, I’m always keen to hear your feedback. If you’ve had a great Live Chat or phone experience recently I’d love to hear about it. If you haven’t had a good experience, I want to hear about it even more so that we can find out what went wrong. Ultimately our goal is to provide fast, hassle-free customer service so if you have a story to share, tell me about it in the comments below or drop an email to

Hayden - amaysim's customer guy