What to look for in a new phone plan

29 Mar 2016

Emerging from a 12 or 24-month phone contract and looking for a new phone plan can feel a bit like stepping out of a time machine.

There might not be flying cars or robot dogs, but there are likely to be new plan inclusions, data allowances and extra features out there that you’ve never come across before. It can be daunting. So take my hand time-traveller and I’ll walk you through some of the key considerations when looking for a new phone plan in 2016...and beyond!

Calls and texts

Who do you call and text regularly? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to be nosy. I’m asking because you want to be able to contact your favourite folks near and far away as often as you like without going over your monthly spend. If you’re a social butterfly or simply don’t want the hassle of counting your calls (who does?!), I recommend a plan with unlimited standard national calls and SMS, like any one of amaysim’s unlimited plans.

If you like calling and texting mates overseas then a plan with unlimited international talk and text inclusions will help you stay within your monthly budget. Right now, amaysim’s unlimited range starts with unlimited standard international calls to 10 countries and unlimited standard international texts to 32 countries. Our UNLIMITED 80GB plan also comes with 300 standard international minutes to 22 countries which is a great inclusion for those with friends faraway.

Data allowance

They say data is the new oil, but a big allowance can come with a matching price tag. First things first, try our data calculator to help determine how much data you’ll need each month – no point paying for more than you need, right? Keep in mind that as your circumstances change, you might want to adjust your data allowance. If you want my advice, I’d be looking at phone plans with no lock-in contracts so you can switch plans or bail out whenever you want.


There’s a few big networks in Australia and all phone plans will be powered by one or the other. When deciding on your new phone plan, make sure there’s good coverage in the places you regularly visit, especially your home and workplace. Coverage maps are a great tool to find out whether your phone plan will have you covered.


Your phone plan shouldn’t break your budget. Don’t be wooed by plans beyond your price range, even if they come with fancy handsets or flashy features. Work out your ideal monthly spend - $5, $20, $40, etc. – and stay within it, otherwise you could soon find yourself eating cereal for dinner 3 nights a week. The ability to upgrade, downgrade or exit your plan when you want and without additional fees is something you might want to consider. After all, our circumstances always change; we change jobs, we travel and we like to save or splurge from time to time. Finding a plan that let’s you stay financially flexible is a huge bonus.


Is there anything extra you need from your plan? For example, if you require international roaming then check out what roaming services your plan offers and which countries it caters for. Keep in mind that Ii you want a handset to be included in your plan, you’ll likely be locked into another 24 month contract to pay off your new phone. And who knows, by then there might actually be robot dogs scurrying about.

Your final decision

The future can sometimes seem scary, but finding a simple phone plan shouldn’t be. For the ultimate hassle-free plan, you can’t look past amaysim’s unlimited range. All our unlimited plans come with unlimited talk & text, plus unlimited standard international text to 32 countries, so all you need to choose is your data. Simple.

For more reasons to choose an amaysim mobile plan, you can head to 10 reasons to switch. Until next time, safe travels.

And good luck out there!

Hayden – amaysim’s customer guy