Simple ways to keep the tech in your home organised

12 Mar 2019

With technology becoming integrated into every facet of our lives around the home, it means their ever-present cords and cables have also become entangled with our day-to-day activities.

As you continue to stockpile bundles of tech goodies in your household, organisation of your tech can become a bit of a problem - albeit a first world one!

1. Streamline your sound


Minimising the tech mess in your home certainly doesn’t need to result in a loss of quality surround sound.

Although ‘retro’ looking speakers booming out the corners of your living room can provide sufficient sound, there’s an easier way to achieve that ‘feels like you’re at a cinema’ feel in a much tidier manner.

Think about investing in a sleek Sound Bar – they’re a sophisticated quality of sound, with incredibly low spacial impact. Sound Bars can also double as a stereo system and support Bluetooth and Airplay, meaning you’ll be able to stream all your Spotify favourites with ease.

2. Use cable ties

Let’s face it, no one likes cables dangling around their Pinterest inspired living room. Not only are they an eye-sore, but they can also become hazardous, so it makes sense to get them in order as quickly as possible.

For an easy way to reduce the cable clutter in your home, pick up some cable ties from your local stationary store and bundle up the wires around your home.

3. Use desk stands or wall mounts

For smaller tech around your home, such as tablets, e-readers or phones, instead of dropping them waywardly throughout your house, think about investing in a wall mount or a desk stand.

Both of these inventions can come in handy, especially if you plan to use your tablet as a recipe guide in your kitchen. If you don’t want to mount a stand to the wall, desk stands are also extremely easy to come by these days.

4. Invest in a fold-away desk

Desk Space

While many of us like our technology to be easily accessible, having an office like space in your home that can be packed away is pure gold.

The beauty of these desks is that they are essentially invisible the majority of the time and can be rolled out to accommodate your home office space when required.

From IKEA to eBay and even Gumtreee, there are a plethora of options to shop the latest and greatest home office equipment, meaning there’s no excuse when it comes to finding the perfect fold-away desk.

5. Go wireless

The word ‘wireless’ has become synonymous in our lives when referring to connectivity and using the internet to do all sorts of fun activities - who else loves memes?

In this instance however, if you want to take the next step into organizing the tech in your home, then it may be time to go literally wireless.

From cordless vaccum cleaners, to Wi-Fi routers and Google Chromecasts if you want to avoid cords altogether in your house, join the movement and go #fullWireless – we promise you won’t look (or trip) back.

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