How to take advantage of free Wi-Fi hotspots around Melbourne

26 Mar 2018

With our lives now connected than ever, the importance of having a good internet connection at all times has become vital. While most of us tend to rely on our mobile data when we're out and about, sometimes it's nice to be able to lean on a Wi-Fi connection, especially if you're doing something that requires alot of data or are looking for a place to work, or sync your dropbox files.

Whether you need to quickly search for something online or are looking for somewhere to work for the day, there are plenty of places with excellent, free Wi-Fi across Melbourne. From public libraries and museums to cafes and outdoor spaces, we’ve got you covered.

outdoor spaces

VicFreeWiFi is the largest outdoor free public Wi-Fi network of its kind in Australia. The state government rolled out the project in 2016, giving locals and visitors free access to outdoor Wi-Fi throughout Melbourne’s CBD.

Bourke St Mall, Queen Victoria Markets, Federation Square and even platforms at selected CBD train stations all provide free Wi-Fi access. You’re given a daily allowance of 250 MB per device which is perfect for checking directions on Google Maps or perusing social media. The best part is, you don’t need to enter any personal information in order to connect and there are no pop-up ads. Way to go Melbourne!

museums & exhibition centres

As well as public outdoor spaces VicFreeWi-Fi also extends to a lot of Melbourne’s museums and exhibition halls. Melbourne Museum, the NGV and the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre all have free Wi-Fi. Each museum and exhibition centre tends to have their own café, so be sure to hit them up after you’ve finished browsing artworks and exhibitions. These spots are great for taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

Sit and upload your new insta or settle-in and finish that project while basking in artistic inspiration.


VicFreeWiFi is great for when you only need internet for a short period of time. But sometimes you need fast internet for longer. Whether you’re working remotely or studying for exams, cafes can be a great way to get out of the house while still enjoying a good quality Wi-Fi and of course a cup of coffee. While most cafes in Melbourne will have free Wi-Fi, their connections can be incredibly slow, especially during peak times.

If you’re looking for a great place to study or work, head up to North Melbourne’s Auction Rooms Cafe. Enjoy super-fast, free Wi-Fi, oodles of power points and a great variety of food and drink to keep you satisfied. Be sure to read through the cafe’s quirky meal titles that pay homage to the building’s history, as it once housed a working auction house. If you visit on a sunny day be sure to nab a seat in the courtyard.

Fancy leaving the CBD? Then head to Penny Farthing Espresso in Northcote. With fast Wi-Fi and enough power points to go round, it’s no surprise this café is a freelancer’s heaven.

The Queensberry Pour House in Carlton has taken things to another level. With unlimited coffee refills you are sure to get your caffeine fix while satisfying your internet needs. And the cafe’s relaxed vibe and light, airy ambiance will make you feel right at home.


Looking for somewhere you can be productive without the distractions? Then maybe a library is the best place for you.

Sitting proudly on Swanston Street, the grand State Library of Victoria is a city favourite. This library is packed full of students studying for exams and professionals working remotely. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, plenty of power sockets and your choice of workspace. Either sprawl-out downstairs or hideaway upstairs on the desks that run along the balustrading. But try not get too distracted by the beautiful dome ceiling above, though. You’ll often notice tourists popping in to snap selfies in this elegant dome reading room.

If the state library doesn’t tickle your fancy, then why not check out the City Library. The entrance to this stylish library is so sneaky you could walk right past it. City Library is the state’s busiest public lending library and is located right in the heart of the CBD, near bustling Degraves Street. A hotspot for everyone from workers and students to tourists and locals. This library hosts exhibitions, concerts, storytelling events and craft workshops. With great quality Wi-Fi, a modern interior and the perfect central location, City Library the ideal place to hideaway and compete your project without distraction.

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