everything you can do with 60gb of data

Everything you can do with 60gb of mobile data

When you've got a lot of mobile data - the internet really is your oyster. A world of streaming, browsing, creating and connecting is unlocked before your very eyes. But how much can you really do with 60GB of mobile data?

We've put our whopping $60/60 GB mobile plan to the test to show you just how much internet 60GB of mobile data will really get you. Hint: It's a lot!

1. Listen to 480 hours of 'WAP' (and never, ever get sick of it)

2. Watch 240 hours of Golden Globes recaps, here are some of our favourite highlights:

  • Rami Malek/Nicole Kidman awkward snub
  • Fiji Water Girl being the ultimate lurker
  • Lady Gaga sleighing the red carpet, the stage, just everything basically
Golden Globes

3. Watch Bird Box 30 times (and still have spare data to enjoy all the Bird Box memes; there are literally thousands)

bird box memes

4. Watch 60 hours of Games of Thrones (now that we have a release date for Season 8, it's time to get excited!)

game of thrones season 8

We could go on, but we're sure you get the point. Big data plans are tops for internet addicts like ourselves.

If you're looking for a mobile plan to quench your data needs, our new UNLIMITED 60GB mobile plan is the perfect match.

Just like our existing UNLIMITED mobile plans, you'll get unlimited talk & text in Oz, unlimited calls & sms to 10 countries, 300 minutes of international calls to a further 22 countries - plus a whopping 60GB of data each 28 days.

ready to upsize your mobile data?

Remember all amaysim mobiles plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus Mobile Network and include no lock-in contracts, so you’re free to switch to a new plan, if your needs or budget change.

If you're already with amaysim, you can make the switch to our new 60GB plan through the amaysim appMy amaysim, or by texting "UNLIMITED 60GB" to 568 – simple!

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