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6 things to consider when choosing mobile plans for kids

01 May 2020


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A lot of parents will pay for and be responsible for their kid’s mobile phone plan, so it’s common to do some research before choosing your children’s phone plan.

To help you make an informed decision, we've created a simple guide to get you on track.

1. Consider what your kid needs

When shopping for mobile phone plans for teenagers and children, it’s important to consider what they actually need.

Different generations use their phones differently. It might be important for you that your phone plan offers plenty of call time, however for your kid, it may be more important for them to have data to stay in touch with friends and family.

Make sure you outline what’s important to keep them connected before choosing a phone plan.

2. Research all the options

Now that you’ve outlined what to prioritise for your child’s phone plan, it’s time to shop around to find your perfect plan.

Each telco or provider will offer slightly different plans, so it can be worthwhile comparing your options.

For great-value plans that are free from lock-in contracts, check out amaysim mobile plans. They’re powered by the Optus 4G Mobile Network and included unlimited talk and text across Australia – just choose how much data you need for your child and you’re good to go.

“When looking for a mobile phone plan for my children, I’d be looking for a plan that offers lots of data for a reasonable price, and no hidden extras! So if they do happen to get close to their monthly allowance, they’re unable to get any more data without parental consent. It’s a good way for them to learn to budget data too!”

Rachel Chappell – Founder of North Shore Mum’s

3. Don’t go for the most expensive phone

Sure, your teenager might be begging to get the latest iPhone, but they may not necessarily need it.

A lot of the key features you find in flagship models will appear in other, less expensive models well. And if you’re giving your child a phone so that you can stay in touch and contact them in emergencies, they really don’t need a top of the line device.

4. Consider a pay as you go phone plan

When looking for phone plans for kids, pay as you go is a great idea. These plans let you purchase pre-paid credit (from stores or online) whenever you need it.

5. Create healthy schedules

Another option to investigate during the research stage is to choose a phone and a phone plan that lets you limit usage. Some phones will have settings like Bedtime mode, which lets you block all data usage during set periods. This will be important to a lot of parents that worry about their children staying up late.

There are physical options like taking your kid’s sim card out of their phone so they can’t make calls or getting them to leave the phone in a phone basket outside the bedroom after bedtime, but built-in limitations and controls can feel less obvious and easier to manage.

6. Look into family plans

Some providers offer family plans, with two or more handsets on the same bill. You can group your mobile phone plan with your kid’s mobile phone plan, or if you have multiple children with phones, you can group them together.

At amaysim you can group as many numbers as you need under the one account, this lets you easily manage payments and account settings for your own mobile number, as well as any family members who have also signed up.