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The 10 best mobile games to play with friends in 2020

25 Jun 2020


amaysim's tech geek

Whether you’re hanging out together and playing games or staying connected from afar with friends and family, online gaming with your mates can be loads of fun.

There are plenty of great multiplayer games to keep you and your friends entertained, just make sure your mobile plan, long expiry plan or data-only plan has sufficient mobile data for your extended gaming sessions!

Check out ten of our favourite online multiplayer mobiles games, then pick your favourite, jump on your iPhone, Android or tablet, and enjoy.

1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games for all age groups.

Pocket Edition plays the same as the original PC version. The option to play with friends includes playing locally, which means you can join the same game via Wi-Fi if you and your friends are all connected to the same network.

If you’re not using the same network, you can join the game together by playing on the same server. Minecraft Pocket is one of the best multiplayer mobile games going around. It's also a great way to connect and spend time with your younger family members.

  • Players: 5 (locally)
  • Available on iOS and Android for $10.99 AUD on both stores.

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    2. PUBG

    Image Credit: PUB Corporation

    PUBG (pronounced pub-gee) stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and is an online multiplayer battle royale. PUBG helped bring the battle royale genre into the mass popularity it reached.

    If you’ve never played a battle royale game before, it involves each player being dropped into a map, each at random spawn points, with the goal to be the last player standing. PUBG is one of the best games to play with friends on the phone or the computer if you enjoy shooters, so it might not be the best for casual gamers. To play with friends, add each other to your friends’ lists in the game, then invite them to play a game with you.

    • Players: 100
    • Available on iOS and Android for free.

    3. Mario Kart Tour

    Mario Kart
    Image Credit: 9to5mac

    Mario Kart has historically been one of the best party games to play with friends when you hang out together in person, so a mobile version is sure to be one of the best online games to play with friends.

    Mario Kart is a classic car racing game that typically only appears on Nintendo consoles, which limits anyone without those consoles. The move to mobile makes this game much more accessible

    To play Mario Kart Tour with friends, you just need to be physically nearby each other and have your location turned on, on your phones. That way the game can see you’re near each other and allows you to race against each other.

    Mario Kart Tour can be played with a group of friends, but for people that live with siblings, partners, or friends and want some fun together with two-player mobile games, MK Tour is perfect for one on one competitive fun. It’s one of the best two-player mobile games for both Android and iPhone, as the game extends across both platforms.

    4. Hearthstone

    Image Credit: Blizzard

    Hearthstone is another game that gained popularity on PC and has moved to mobile gaming for gamers on the go.

    The game revolves around collecting and playing cards against other players in matches. It’s developed by Blizzard, the same team behind Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

    Hearthstone is free to play on any platform, and because it’s a card-based game it requires little data to play (which means it won’t use a lot of your monthly data usage).

    To play with your friends, make sure that you’ve added each other to your friends’ lists and that you’re both online at the same time, then one of you can challenge the other to a match. And since there’s no upfront costs and plenty of hours to sink into the game, Hearthstone has to be one of the best free mobile games available. Spend time completing the tutorial so when you do come up against your friends, you have the upper hand.

    5. Words with Friends and Scrabble GO

    Scrabble Image
    Image Credit: Scrabble GO

    Words with Friends has been one of the most popular multiplayer mobile games for a long time, and with good reason. Just add your friends in the app and you can start up a game with them!

    Words with Friends is a lot like Scrabble. If you prefer the official branded option, Hasbro has actually developed their own digital version, Scrabble GO. Both games have similar functionality, it just comes down to your preference. Either option meets the criteria for fun party games, so add your friends and start showing off your great vocabulary.

    • Words with Friends is available on iOS and Android for free.
    • Scrabble GO is available on iOS and Android for free.

    6. Draw Something

    Draw Something
    Image Credit: Zynga

    Where Words with Friends is similar to Scrabble, Draw Something is similar to Pictionary, and it’s just as much fun. First, add your friends to the app and begin a match. You’ll take turns receiving an automatically generated prompt and then attempt to draw that prompt, while your friend tries to guess what it is that you’re drawing.

    Find out who is the undercover artist in your group with this fantastic multiplayer mobile game.

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      7. Clue/Cluedo

      Cluedo Picture
      Image Credit: Apple Store

      No matter what you call it, most of us are familiar with the board game Clue/Cluedo. It’s the game where you all play as characters that have been invited into a mysterious mansion, only to discover your host has been murdered, and with only you—the guests—at the house, one of you must be the killer. It’s a tried and true game that we like to bring out at family game nights, and now that it’s on mobile you can have all the fun without the hassle of putting the board game away.

      Play against friends from afar or local multiplayer and see who has the best sleuthing skills via their phone.

      • Players: 6
      • Available on iOS for $5.99 and Android for $3.99.

      8. Call of Duty Mobile

      Call Of Duty
      Image Credit: Variety

      Call of Duty (CoD) is one of the most popular shooter games available worldwide on consoles and PC, and now the mobile version is one of the most popular mobile shooters to match.

      It features several types of matches for you to play, including iconic 5v5 multiplayer maps from CoD: Black Ops and CoD: Modern Warfare for throwback fun as well as 100-person battle royale games. You can add your friends easily within the game’s menu. If you enjoy this iconic series, CoD mobile is one of the best online shooting games to play with friends.

      • Players: 100
      • Available on iOS and Android for free.

      9. Ticket to Ride

      Ticket To Ride
      Image Credit: Apple Store

      Ticket to Ride is another game that comes from board game roots. The board game Ticket to Ride is a popular choice for many games nights, where each player takes turns as they try to satisfy their goals and build the best sprawl of train lines. You come into trouble when you need to build a line from Las Vegas to New York, but your opponents have already taken up all the train line space. It’s a strategic game that is suitable for kids and adults.

      The port to mobile keeps the spirit of the board game alive, without the hassle of setting the game up each time. This mobile game may be a bit more costly than other options, but it’s hours and hours of entertainment and is definitely worth a go for all board game enthusiasts.

      • Players: 5
      • Available on iOS for$10.99 and Android for $9.49.

      10. Uno

      Uno Game
      Image Credit: Mattel

      There’s no party game like Uno. It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and full of twists and turns. For anyone that’s never played Uno before, the goal is to remove all your cards from your hand by playing them.

      There are only a few rules and your friends might have some house rules they abide by, but it never gets too complicated. Just don’t take it personally when your friend hits you with a “draw four” card. One of the best card games is now one of the best online multiplayer card games for mobile you can enjoy with friends any time of the day.