Your phone myths busted!

29 May 2015

Hey folks, it’s Tipo -

Being a tech-head and working in customer service has balanced out my enthusiasm to embrace every ‘quick-fix’ touted by the net to “totally work, because my mate did it” (let’s be honest we all know someone that’s claimed that). So I’ve taken a look at two common phone myths I’ve come across and the alternative and (in some cases) scientifically proven methods you could try instead.

#1 Put your phone in the fridge when it overheats

Um, don’t do that. Exposing your mobile phone to extreme temperatures doesn’t usually end well. In all likelihood you’ll end up with condensation forming under the glass and damage the inner-mechanics of your phone.

If your phone does overheat then you could give these resolutions a go:

  • Close down software; especially media-playing content.

  • Disable unneeded functions and features.

  • Check detachable battery to see if it’s bloated or warped.

  • Remove from pocket/bag and let the phone breathe.

  • Try removing protective case to see if it makes a difference.

  • Turn phone off for a few minutes.

  • Take phone out of direct sunlight.

If over-heating persists then I’d advise seeing a suitable phone technician.

#2 Cover your phone with rice if it falls in water

Okay, I must admit this trick has its benefits but I’ll give you a clue on how to do without ruining your phone. Trust me, don’t just chuck your phone in a bowl of rice– you’ll regret it.

Lets’ start from the beginning. If your phone gets wet:

  • Pull it out of the water ASAP!

  • If you can, take the battery out. Don’t bother turning it off or pressing any buttons. NB. If you can’t take the battery out then just turn the phone off.

  • Give it all a quick wipe with a clean towel, trying to make sure no water leaks into ports or other openings.

  • NOW, if you want to try the rice method I suggest wrapping the phone loosely in a paper towel before dropping it into the rice. This avoids mushy rice getting stuck in phone creases and ports, and stops starch from getting inside the phone and doing damage.

The other option to rice is using synthetic dessicants, like what’s in those packs you find in shoe boxes and vitamin bottles. Simply drop your phone in an airtight plastic pouch filled with the dessicant and wait about 24 hours for your phone to dry. Admittedly dessicants are a weird thing to have on hand but you can get packs online pretty cheaply. Alternatively you can collect the little packs of synthetic dessicant from hard drive boxes or spice packets and save them for a rainy day.

Okay, well that’s one phone myth debunked and one myth seriously revised. If you have one you’d like to share post it in the comments.

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