Telco Talk Demystified – part 2

10 Jul 2013

If you’re keen to get to the bottom of even more telco jargon, then strap in! Here we go.

Last month I decided to pull my top five telco phrases together in a blog - Telco Talk Demystified. Choosing only five was hard, so I decided to do it again – say hello Telco Talk Demystified part 2.

Call waiting

This one’s for all the chatterboxes and social butterflies out there – if you’re popular enough to have more than one mate trying to call you at the same time (kudos to you by the way), then call waiting could definitely help you out.

Call Waiting lets you know if there’s an incoming call when you’re already talking on the phone to someone else – you can take the second call and keep the first one on the line at the same time. Its multi-tasking made easy and it’s a breeze to set-up. You can do this by going to ‘Settings’ in My amaysim.

Call diversion

It’s kind of is what it sounds like... Imagine you’re in the middle of something and you don’t really have time to answer the phone. Instead, you turn around to someone like your best mate or wife and say “can you get that for me”. Bingo, that’s call diversion!

It won’t do the dishes or mow your lawn, but it will pick up all of your calls when someone rings. And you can always check your messages through voicemail. Just like call waiting, you can switch this on in the ‘Settings’ section of My amaysim.

Data roaming

Setting up data roaming is like eating a kebab after a big night out – it seemed like a good idea at the time, but when you look back on it, you’re stomach feels sick and you regret it.

Don’t eat the 3am lamb kebab!

Data roaming lets you access the internet when your outside of amaysim’s network coverage, say, if your overseas. Whilst it’s convenient to have the internet 24/7 when you’re abroad, the real problem is when you get home – the costs can add up thick and fast without you even realising.

Knowing the risk versus reward, we switch this feature off for you by default. Think of it like we’re trying to keep your bill in tip top shape. You can switch it on in My amaysim or using the amaysim app but I’d recommend trying to hunt for the nearest free wi-fi instead.

Cap or ‘c(r)ap plans’

I call them c(r)ap plans. Our job is to cut all of that junk out of mobile for good.

C(r)ap plans are packages that bundle up talk, text and data usage for 30 days and give you all this whopping value at a fantastic low price. In what world does $30 equal more than $30?

Have a look at my explanation and let me know what you think.


Are you any good with your acronyms? While you may know your LOL from your VIP, APN isn’t exactly one that just rolls off the tongue. APN stands for Access Point Name, still confused?

All you need to know is that this fancy term is what allows your mobile handset to access the internet from a mobile network (sweet!).

So if your APN isn’t set-up, then you’ll be saying OMG!!

Critical information summary

The saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ really doesn’t apply to the telco world – in fact, ignorance can spell major danger.

A critical information summary is designed to allow folks to make informed decisions. For example, when I do my shopping, I look at the price per 100 grams of each item to see which product offers me the best value. Welcome critical information summaries! They are two page documents which allow you to compare per unit pricing for your mobile and data plans.

All Telco’s are now required to provide these and we think it’s great! If you’re not 100% sure of what’s included in your amaysim plan or Data Pack, crack open one of our Critical Information Summaries.

Okay, now it’s your turn again. I loved the comments last time, now I want to know what you want to hear next. Hit me up with your comments and feedback below.


Hayden – amaysim’s customer guy.

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