Is self-service the answer to bill-shock?

16 Sep 2015

At amaysim we encourage our customers to take control of their mobile plans.

Frozen yoghurt’s made a massive comeback in recent times. It’s not a new product or even a premium version of the old stuff – in fact, I reckon it doesn’t taste that different to the stuff we’d usually treat ourselves to from the frozen section of the supermarket. Only now we’re dispensing the fro-yo ourselves, adding our own toppings and paying for the privilege. So what compels us to do the work of the YogoLand staff and enjoy the experience? The undeniable sense of control.

We’re now able to churn out exactly how much we want, add just the delicious toppings we’re after in exactly the ratio we want, and where we were once at the mercy of a staff member (who may or may not have been secretly saving the best fudge pieces for closing time) we’re now empowered with the might of the serving scoop. It may sound crazy but we’re a particular bunch and now more than ever, we like being in control of what we’re paying for. So why are we content to leave the big things in our life like our phone plans in the hands of providers?

Call the shots when it comes to your mobile plan

At amaysim we encourage our customers to take control of their mobile plans. We provide tools to help them discover how much data they’re using so that they can get a plan with the inclusions that most closely match their use. We also don’t believe in lock-in contracts, so you can move freely between our suite of plans. If you foresee a big month of data ahead you can change to a bigger plan, or if it’s looking like a quiet month with plenty of Wi-Fi on hand you can simply move down a plan, all from the palm of your hand using just our app.

Pay attention to mobile usage alerts to make the most out of your plan

Just like setting up your yoghurt cup to deliver exactly what you want for a price you’re happy to pay, mobile self-service has made taking control of your spend easier than ever. amaysim customers get text or email notification when they’re 50%, 85% and 100% through their plan’s data and credit. They also have the option to buy additional data at $9.90 for 1GB or 7.2c/MB. It’s a great way of staying in control of your monthly spend so you always have little extra in your account for the sweeter things in life.

So whether it’s the satisfaction of creating the perfect cup at YogoLand, or having the ability to control your account where and whenever you want, self-service is putting the power back in your hands.

Why not regain control by checking out one of our amaysim DIY Self-service plans?


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