New year, new you... new mobile plan?

02 Jan 2018

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions about getting in shape and travelling more often, but you know what else could impact 2018’s potential? Your mobile plan!

Seriously though, why not celebrate the New Year by kicking your current mobile plan to the curb? The novelty of following a strict health and fitness regime will probably wear off by mid-January, but getting a great deal on data and unlimited talk and text never gets old.

Here’s everything you need to know about switching mobile providers in 2018.

breaking up with your current mobile provider

Is your current telco provider a stage 5 clinger? Don’t be afraid to break free of their clutches.

Changing mobile plans isn’t always an easy process, but you shouldn’t stick with the same arrangement forever out of fear of hurting their feelings (or incurring their wrath).

These are some steps you can take to get out of your current plan without causing all kinds of drama:

  • If you’re stuck in a contract, check the fine print: Before jumping the gun, find out whether you’re contractually obliged to stay with your provider. Depending on the terms of your contract, you may be able to opt out early.
  • Know your rights: If you’re looking to switch mobile plans because you keep coming up against the same problems, this may entitle you to jump ship early without paying any fees. To do this, you’ll need to prove your mobile network doesn’t work properly in your area, and that the problem can’t be easily fixed.
  • Pay your dues: If you want to leave your provider simply because you found a better deal, paying an exit fee may be your only option. This might feel like a loss, but try to remember how much you’ll save in the long run by bailing on an overpriced plan.

Breaking up with your mobile plan provider can be a hassle, but you’ve got to live your best life.

choose the right network

Do you live or work in a mobile coverage black hole? There’s just no excuse for that kind of nonsense in this day and age. While mobile coverage in Australia has come a long way, some networks still can’t offer dependable coverage (especially in rural areas). Instead of learning to live with mediocre reception, switching to a different network could be the quick fix you’ve been looking for.

Not sure whether amaysim has what it takes to cure your network woes? All amaysim mobile plans are powered by the ultra-fast Optus 4G network. Reaching 98.5% of Aussies, the Optus network is one of the fastest and most widely accessible networks in the land.

The quality of your coverage will depend on a range of factors, including your location and the type of phone you use.

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data dependency

Remember back in the olden days when you actually had to talk to someone when you wanted to get in touch with them? The ‘90s were a wild time.

In the age of social media and text messages, data has become just as important as text and call credit, if not even more important.

Finding a mobile plan that can meet your data demands is essential if you’re trying to avoid exceeding your data allowance every month. Signing up for a super cheap plan might seem like a good idea at the time, but skimping on data could come back to bite you.

Whether you’re addicted to scrolling through your Instagram feed or watching cat videos on Facebook, amaysim’s mobile plans will ensure you can spend as much time as you want on the interwebs without putting your phone bill through the roof.

Have we convinced you to include a new mobile plan on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Start browsing our range of plans to find a deal that meets your needs.