If the Ten Commandments were written for mobile phones

29 Oct 2017

We’ve pulled together the A-Z of everything you should – and shouldn’t – do on your mobile phone.

Thou shall not send a single message until they’ve read our ten mobile commandments.

1. DoN’t txT lyK itz 20o3

iT$ r3alLy anN0y1ng. &nD hArd 2 r3ad. W3 tH1nk weV3 mAde 0uR p01nT.

2. And while we’re at it, never send a text just with Emojis

Sure, add a smiley face Emoji at the end of a message to make it seem more ~friendly~, but remember it’s called a text for a reason.

3. Or just ‘ok’

Especially after someone’s gone to the effort of writing you a detailed message. There’s definitely no passive in that aggressive.

4. Never – we repeat, never – call someone after they text you

If they wanted to call you… they would have just called you.

5. Leave your phone on silent at your own risk

You’ll thank yourself when you’re rummaging around the house trying to remember where you left your phone (hot tip: check your back pocket first).

And remember that you can mute notifications for certain apps or actions so you’re phone won’t be beeping away all day long.

6. Don’t send 15 little texts in a row instead of one big message

We’re throwing this phone faux pas in the ‘annoying/too hard to read’ basket.

7. Voicemail. Just no.

Fact: no one likes listening to (or leaving) a message on Voicemail.

Leave them a text message instead – it’s a simpler way to get your message across, minus the umm’s and ahh’s.

8. Don’t check your phone when you’re at the gym (unless it’s thumbs day)

The same goes for dates, meetings, class, movies, family dinners… Anywhere where you should be paying attention to who you’re with or what you’re doing.

For the full low-down on where you should and shouldn’t use your phone, check out our blog on mobile phone etiquette.

9. Don’t keep others hostage in a group chat

Picture this: you’re tired, ready to hit the sack and catch some zzz’s but the group chat is well and truly on fire. You’re stuck and there’s no way out. Terrifying, right?

Don’t overuse a group chat, especially at ungodly hours. Wait for the morning or start another chat to keep on going with the other night owls.

10. And finally – don’t spend more than $10 on your mobile phone plan

Impossible? Not anymore.

We’ve jam-packed amazing value in our new $10 unlimited mobile plan. With unlimited talk and text in Australia, 1GB of data and no lock-in contracts, it’d be a sin not to check it out.

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