Should you buy your next mobile phone outright?

09 Nov 2015

Deciding whether to buy a phone outright or on a contract is pretty big decision.

Personally, deciding which option to go with took a lot of research and a careful look at my priorities and plans for the next couple of years. This lead to me picking the best option to suit my lifestyle.

The crystal ball factor

As someone who’s always looking for the best deal in town, the thought of being stuck in a lock-in contract when a better deal turns up is enough to cause me to break out into a sweat. Getting a handset outright hurts initially, but gives me more flexibility in the long-term. More importantly though, I feel like I’m in control. When I travel, I can pause my SIM only mobile plan while I’m overseas, turning it back on when I’m home. This means more cash to spend on holiday food and less on a phone plan I’m not using.

Look at more than just the price

Many plans that look small on price can often be small on inclusions. When you have a new phone you want the freedom to use every feature without hassles. Having enough data, call and text inclusions to suit my lifestyle meant paying close attention to things like excess data rates, unlimited calls and SMS when comparing plans, so I really knew what I was getting.

Plan comparison tools are your friend

Navigating telco websites to compare mobile plans can be a headache, so search for plan comparison tools that do the job for you. Also check out forums to see what current customers are saying about various plans. They’ll tell you what to expect when they honeymoon’s over.

The verdict

My research pointed me towards buying my phone outright. So before you choose your next mobile, make sure you check out all your options. A few hours of research can make all the difference.


Mark– amaysim’s digital stuffologist

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