Podcasts you’ll regret not listening to years later

15 May 2016

I’ve put together a few of my of my favourite suggestions for those of you who are looking for something new. And if you’re not already a podcast junkie, these top picks will get you well on your way.

A podcast addiction begins slowly. First, a friend suggests one that they think you'll like; you throw it on during your commute to work one day. Soon you’re listening to an episode before bed every night, while you clean your teeth, cook dinner or in hiding in the office bathroom. Once you’re onto a good thing it’s hard not to binge listen to every single episode that ever existed.

I’ve put together a few of my of my favourite suggestions for those of you who are looking for something new. And if you’re not already a podcast junkie, these top picks will get you well on your way.

No Such Thing As A Fish

The QI (Quite Interesting) research elves have been working away in their workshop putting together the hilarious podcast No Such Thing As A Fish. The show is equal parts interesting random facts and snort-inducing banter that will send strange looks your way if you’re listening in public. The topics covered range from why human pyramids above 5 people are banned in Japan to discussions about the biscuit appreciation society in the UK. Hosts Anna Ptaszynski, Dan Schreiber, Andrew Hunter Murray, and James Harkin all have an incredibly easy and playful banter and listening to them makes you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club. You’ll also have heaps of interesting nuggets of information to pull out during awkward elevator rides with colleagues in the morning.

2 Dope Queens

Unafraid of telling it like it is, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are the unstoppable pair behind 2 Dope Queens. Thankfully you're not too late to the ballgame on this one, so catching up on episodes will be easy. The women discuss incredibly personal (and downright hilarious) situations in their lives in front of a live audience each week. Their banter is interspersed with some of their comedian friends who tell equally shocking stories and provoke cry-laughter from the audience. Some of the comedians will have you in fits and others miss the mark by a bit; however, Phoebe and Jessica always bring it round and have you wishing that you could listen to them discuss life all day. Some of the themes they regularly discuss include relationships, race, sex, and finding a decent cab driver in NYC.


Imagine standing in front of an audience of strangers and reading cringe-worthy passages from your high school journal out loud. This is the concept behind Mortified. Each week there is a theme and brave individuals read their deepest darkest secrets from the most tumultuous and acne-ridden years of their life in front of a room of people. The result is an honest and entertaining insight into life as a teenager.

Radio Lab

Radio Lab is an engrossing podcast about science, made for the everyday person. Who would have thought that you could love science so much! Expertly produced by NPR and hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, the show brings together science, storytelling, and sound. The information is presented in a way that makes you feel connected to the people and their stories. You will find yourself going back through the previous hundreds of episodes because you just can’t get enough. Do yourself a favour and stick this one between your ears as soon as possible.


You’ve undoubtedly heard people passionately discussing Serial almost everywhere you go. And no, they’re not talking about Snap, Crackle and Pop or any other cereal celebrities you'd find at your local supermarket. They're discussing the nail-biting podcast series by Sarah Koenig and you're already very late to the party.

The first series is twelve episodes and follows the story of Adnan, a man who has been serving a sentence (since 1999) for the murder of his former girlfriend Hae Min Lee. He has always maintained his innocence and during her research, Sarah uncovered inconsistencies and weak evidence for the conviction of Adnan. You’ll find yourself putting together the information and passionately arguing about who you think did it with anyone who will listen.

Her second series follows the story of Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl, a man who walked away from his outpost in Afghanistan and into hostile territory—where he subsequently became a prisoner of the Taliban for nearly five years.

What are you following? Any recommendations for us? Let know in the comments below.

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