Christmas gifts for the tech addict in your life

Christmas gifts for the tech addict in your life

04 Dec 2017

Let’s face it: tech addicts are tough to buy for. They’re the sort of people who communicate 80% through Messenger, 10% through Snapchat, and 10% through chats about how much better TV was in the ‘90s. I should know – I’m one of them!

To make things worse, they don’t communicate what they want for Christmas. They tell you what they just bought, meaning the one glimmer of hope you had (the fact they wanted something) is now dead.

Fear not though, we've put together a handy list of perfect partners for any tech addict you might be shopping for this season.

portable battery pack

If you know a techy who likes candy-crushing their battery life, you know they can never have enough battery packs.

After all, they wouldn’t want to risk travelling on a bus or train without having a phone to look at. Sure, they could look at the blank screen and just pretend to be scrolling some dank memes. But that would be crazy… wouldn’t it?

waterproof phone case

‘Is that cloud a little dark?’ ‘Are my hands still a little damp?’ ‘I probably shouldn’t walk under that waterfall.’

These are just some of the many fears your troubled techy faces on a daily basis. But Kylie Jenner hasn’t recently tweeted about a waterproof phone case because, well, they don’t jump off the shelf with massive techs appeal.

Don’t let this put you off though – it’s the one thing your techy needs most. They probably don’t know that they need it, but once they have it, dark clouds will go back to just being big grey sky pillows.

wireless headphones

If you’ve already started decorating your Christmas tree, we probably don’t need to remind you of the nightmare of hanging Christmas lights. Somehow in the last 11 months that pile of cable tied itself up so badly that Harry Houdini himself would give up and go to the pub.

Well, headphones are basically just Christmas lights you hang on your face. Be a good friend; free their face this Christmas from the constraints of wired headphones (because they’re so 2016 anyway).

personalised phone case

Most people these days spend over four hours on their mobiles every day. Who wants to spend all that time holding some dull, mass-produced phone with no personality?

Since you know your techy well, it’s up to you to give their phone some life. It might be their favourite line from an old episode of The Simpsons, a photo of their cat with an anime eyes filter, or even a pic of their dad pulling a weird face.

If you’re an extra-crafty gift-giver, sneak a picture of their ear side-on, get the angles right and make a phone case out of the side of their head. Now, what do you get every time they make a phone call? Boom, invisible phone – who said Christmas wasn’t a magical time of year?

charging dock

After a hard day of swiping right, all your tech addict wants is a comfy bed to rest in. To be honest, though, it was the phone that did the hard work of finding singles in their area. Surely it deserves a comfy bed to rest in too. And your recipient will be glad to wake up with their phone fully charged.


A phone is basically like travel shampoo. A bit smaller for the convenience of bringing it with you, making it perfect for when you’re out and about. But at home, you have a full-size shampoo bottle because you’re normal.

A tablet then is pretty much a mobile for when you’re at home and maneuverability isn’t an issue. And to get the most out of your techy’s tablet, don’t forget to hook them up with an amaysim data-only plan – they all come with no lock-in contracts and are powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, so all they’ll have to do is pick the data amount that’s right for them.

There you go. Unless your tablet-wielding techy is holding a well-powered (and well-rested) personalised phone, listening to music cable-free under a waterfall, there’s something missing from their arsenal.

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