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Amazon is swinging into Australia in 2017: Here’s what it all means

16 Feb 2017

Australia’s online shopping space is finally getting an injection of awesome in the form of one of the world’s biggest retailers later this year.

In the last few years some big brands have finally made it to Aussie shores. UniqloZaraTopShop and H&M have all made the move down under and thrived on our streets in a relatively short amount of time. There are a few more brands set to land in 2017 including Debenhams for the fashion focused, Lidl for the grocery bargains and John Lewis for homewares. However, there is one retail giant in particular that has other retailers shaking in their boots and consumers jumping for joy – Amazon!

What Amazon means for Aussies

Amazon is a retail behemoth, and Aussies have been missing out for far too long. The move will bring an end to the frustration of creating a killer shopping basket on Amazon, only to see the dreaded message saying the items cannot be delivered. Gone will be the days of seeing great value Amazon results pop up in a shopping search, knowing deep down that you are excluded from all these great deals.

When is Australia getting Amazon?

Amazon originally intended to hit Aussie shores in the first quarter of 2017. The latest reports however indicate that they’re delaying by six months so they can launch their fresh food service at the same time. It’s pretty exciting to think that when it comes to Christmas shopping this year Amazon will be an option when picking up all the latest tech gifts and festive foods.

Amazon could be bringing their full suite of services, including Prime Video

Historically, accessing Amazon Prime Video in Australia has not really been possible without also paying for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN essentially allows you to connect to another network over the internet, so it can be used for streaming region-restricted media. However, as Amazon turns its focus on Australia, we’re seeing signs that this could all be about to change.

Amazon Prime Video launched quietly Australia wide in mid-December, offering a six month trial for $2.99USD per month. This allows subscribers to access Ultra High Definition video content in up to three smart devices simultaneously. At this stage there is still a significant amount of geo-restricted content, but Amazon promise there are better things on the horizon.

In case you missed it, all-you-can-read Amazon Kindle Subscription arrived in Australia on November 2016 priced at $13.99AUD per month - another good sign that Amazons full suite of services is making the trip to Aussie shores.

Hopes for Amazon and the Aussie retail market

As far as food goes, Australian retailers operate with very high margins, so hopefully Aussies will find far more competitive pricing if AmazonFresh becomes popular. The same goes for other retail markets – with Amazon on-board Aussie consumers will have access to a much larger marketplace, driving competition and hopefully price wars. Online retailers often charge exorbitant postage fees, so Amazon’s free shipping could be a real game changer as retailers struggle to compete. I can almost taste those sweet, sweet savings!

If you can’t wait…

While you’re still waiting for Amazon’s big launch in Australia, there are a few ways you can purchase from the store without having to move. Online freight forwarding services let you send parcels to a single location that then forward your items for a fee. AusPost’s own ShopMate is certainly one we might be turning to. If you’re purchasing a few big ticket items, you can score serious savings, just be sure to research the company first.

Why an Australian Amazon is a game-changer

As those who have bought with Amazon overseas will know, the user reviews, competitive pricing and purchasing system really are second to none. Amazon also offers a great mobile experience, so choosing from one of our prepaid mobile plans will ensure you’re ready to make that first purchase (and the second, and the third) when the site launches. As Aussies come to expect similar service from all retailers, those who haven’t been keeping up will have to do so quickly, or risk being left on the shelf *ba-dum-tss*!

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