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Our sweet new suite of UNLIMITED plans

Our suite of one-decision UNLIMITED mobile plans come packed with value for every data appetite.

Here at amaysim HQ, we’re all about simplifying the search for your next phone plan. Here’s the skinny on each one.

UNLIMITED 8GB – for big talkers on a budget

If you're looking for a budget friendly plan with unlimited standard national talk and text and heaps of international inclusions, then it’s time you checked out our UNLIMITED 8GB plan.

$20 / 28 days

Read more about our UNLIMITED 8GB plan here

UNLIMITED 50GB – the great all-rounder

Offering super-duper value, if you like using your phone a fair bit without feeling the pinch, then our $30 plan could well be the one for you.

$30 / 28 days

Find out if UNLIMITED 50GB is the plan you’re looking for

UNLIMITED 65GB – for the streamers among us

This popular beauty is perfect for anyone who likes keeping in touch with mates in Oz and overseas, as well as enjoying a very decent data allowance.

$40 / 28 days

See if UNLIMITED 65GB is the answer to your data needs

UNLIMITED 14GB – for the data lovers

If you love scrolling, streaming and rely on the net for everything you do, then this data-stacked plan has got your name written all over it.

$50/ 28 days

Read more about our epic plan

We’re always keen to give our customers the most bang for their buck so if you have a suggestion for a way to improve one of our plans, simply pop it in the comments!

Fel – amaysim’s customer gal.

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