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Is Our $10 Plan The Best Thing To Happen This Year?

27 Oct 2017

We’ve done it again – we’re shaking up the Aussie mobile market one move at a time, now with our $10 unlimited talk and text mobile plan.

Riddle me this: if you’re one of the 10 million Aussies who uses 1GB or less every month, how do you find a plan that leaves you with just what you need but also doesn’t skimp on the benefits higher data users get?

Well sometimes less is more, and that’s definitely the case with our new $10 unlimited mobile plan. Packed with incredible value, including unlimited standard talk and text in Australia, 1GB of data and no lock-in contracts, our small but mighty mobile plan is perfect for low data users, the cost-conscious and even Wi-Fi hunters.

It’s also the best value-for-money you can get at the $10 price point (to put that into perspective, that’s less than what you’d spend in coffees in a whole week).

In fact, we’re pretty confident that our new mobile plan is *the best* thing to happen to the number ten this year. Need some convincing?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

1. A less-than-fabulous makeover for our $10 bill

When the Reserve Bank of Australia announced the new design for our $10 note earlier this year, it left some of us asking: “Why does it look like a travel brochure for the Gold Coast in 1993?” or “Why does it have pollen on it?”.

Yeah, it wasn’t the touchdown they were hoping for. And while the jury’s still out on the design, it doesn’t help that it’s still not accepted in a whole lot of machines. We’re crossing our fingers for the $20 bill though!

2. 'doh - The Simpsons disappears from Channel 10

It’s been a hard year for the network, but it’s biggest blow probably came when negotiations to keep The Simpsons and other Fox shows on free-to-air fell apart. A moment of silence for our friends who grew up watching Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie at 6pm every night on Channel 10…

3. A new naming convention for the 10-year anniversary iPhone

We were all expecting big things for the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple didn’t disappoint with the reveal of three new flagship phones.

But one thing that got us scratching our heads? The break in the naming convention. Apple dropped the standard number-based name for a Roman numeral with the iPhone X, leaving us either a) confused about how to pronounce it (we should still call it ‘iPhone 10, FYI), or b) cracking jokes about how the X actually stands for something else – like expensive, or exclusive.

You’ll still be iPhone 10 to us though <3

4. No more 10-episode seasons of Game of Thrones

A tragedy greater than the Red Wedding, we all settled in for not 10, not nine or eight, but seven episodes for season 7 of Game of Thrones. When the wait for the new season was longer than usual, all we could think of was shame, shame!

But it's all up from here for the double digit with our new $10 unlimited mobile plan!

We’re committed to doing good for the number 10 and the millions of Aussies out there looking for plans with smaller data inclusions and the price tag to match.

Check out our $10 unlimited mobile plan – with unlimited standard talk and text in Australia, 1GB of data and no lock-in contracts, we’re pretty sure it’s just what you need. If you've read this far and realise you are one of the people that need more data then this, fear not! Our amazing data plans are what you'll be after.

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