Free stuff, courtesy of your phone

14 Nov 2014

Here at amaysim, we stand by the view that your phone shouldn’t be a bottomless pit of money – we help you out there by offering three mobile phone plans that are cheap as chips.

But did you know that your phone can actually help you save money? From discounts to giveaways your phone gives more than it takes. Here’s how you can use your phone to score some awesome freebies and discounts.

Score discounts at restaurants

Writing reviews on Urbanspoon and checking-in on Facebook or Foursquare can score you some awesome discounts for restaurants. Sometimes the rewards will be waiting for you on the site and other times you won’t know if they’re offering any discounts until after you’ve checked-in or posted a review. But as they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

QR codes

QR codes are all around us these days. They’re there when you get your coffee, inside your newspaper and all over catalogues, offering free stuff, sneak previews and discounts.

Do you travel by bus in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane?

If you do, keep your eyes peeled for our awesome Tap-It panels on the back of bus seats all over town. If you catch one in the wild just scan the QR code (or tap it, if your have an Android smartphone) to get access to articles from popular sites like RoarTechly and LostatEMinor.

amaysim's Tap-It panels

Shazam away

Along the same lines as QR codes, Shazam lets you scan music and other media files to get exclusive discounts. You may have seen in some commercials on TV a little Shazam icon in the corner of the screen – Shazam the ads and you’ll get access to exclusive discounts, freebies and additional info on your favourite products. But it’s not just limited to TV ads – retailers also use Shazam so you can even score some in-store freebies or discounts.

Speaking of Shazam freebies we’ve teamed up with the guys at the Shazam Top 20 to give away a bunch of shiny new iPhone 6’s. Check out the comp and, if you’re feeling lucky, enter. The comp will run until Friday (27/11/14).

Keep your eyes peeled for free apps

People are often sceptical about free apps, but there are actually some really awesome ones out there – why fork out a few bucks here and there when you can get something for absolute nothing at all?

Every Friday, our mates at Gizmodo post a list of awesome free apps for iOS, iPads, Windows and Android – there are apps on the list to suite everyone.

Festival apps and discounts

Festival promoters are jumping on the app bandwagon en masse. From Future Music Festivalto Soundwave and even Splendour in the Grass, there are plenty of apps that you can use to help you on the day. These apps offer exclusive discounts off festival merchandise as well as food and drinks from certain vendors. The apps tend to be free, so there’s no reason not to check them out.

So those are our five favourite ways to get free stuff from your phone. Got any tips of your own? Keen to try any of ours? Comment below and let us know – we’re keen to hear what you think.

Mariah - amaysim's marketing coordinator.

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