amaysim makes 2015 Mumbrella best ads of the year list

05 Jan 2016

The 2015 Mumbrella best ads of the year were announced yesterday and our less hassle, more Hoff ad starring David Hoff (formerly Hasselhoff) has made the list.

Blog PostThe team here at amaysim, and our creative agency, Special Group - the brains behind the ad campaign - are thrilled to be recognised by the marketing experts at Mumbrella and named along with other successful brands such as Uber, Honda and our carrier, Optus.

The ad attracted international media coverage when first released, but for those who missed it (or who just want to watch it again), here’s the ad which kicked off the campaign and left the world asking “did he really change his name?!”

If you like that, there’s more (H)off where that came from - watch more Hoff ads. We’ve got newless hassle, more Hoff ads to come in 2016 so keep an eye out.

To find out who else made the list and to watch all of the Top 10 ads, check out the 2015 Mumbrella best ads of the year.

Cheers and here’s to less hassle in 2016!

Mariah - amaysim's content guru

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