switch to 4G

the 2G network is switching off from 1 August 2017

Upgrade to 4G before we flick the switch.

In line with all of Australia’s carriers, our carrier, Optus, will start switching exclusively to 3G and 4G mobile services from 1 August. This will mean faster, more reliable and wider phone coverage, but it also means you will lose reception if you are still using a 2G mobile phone. Some older 3G phones will be impacted too.

To make sure your service stays free of interruptions, choose from the following 3 options:

I'm not sure if I'm affected

Check to see if your phone will be impacted using the handy IMEI checker below

I have a new mobile

Order a new sim card for your new mobile

I need a new mobile

Buy a compatible 3G or 4G mobile phone today

will my phone still work after 1 August 2017?

On 1 August 2017, the Optus 2G network across Australia will be switched off. So all 2G and 3G Single Band devices may be affected once this network shuts down.

You can enter the first 8 digits of your IMEI in the field below to find out if your phone is a 2G or 3G Single Band device. If your phone is impacted, we recommend you to upgrade your phone as soon as possible to avoid any service interruptions.

To get your IMEI number type in *#06# into your phone and the IMEI number it will display on screen.

update your mobile SIM card

If you've recently upgraded your phone or getting your new phone elsewhere, you'll likely need a new SIM.

The good news is you'll keep your existing mobile number, data and credit.

Order a new sim card

upgrade SIM

get a new 3G or 4G phone

To help you stay connected, simply order a 3G or 4G phone from our site and we’ll post it to you. All phone purchases will come with a new compatible SIM card.

If you’re currently an amaysim customer, your number and service will be the same as it is now, with extra features like mobile internet.

frequently asked questions

Why is this happening?

All Australian mobile network providers are switching off their 2G networks' in 2017. Our carrier, Optus has announced they’ll also be gradually switching their network off from 3 April.

These changes are important for an evolving network to ensure you’re able to access the latest and most up to date technology.

Will I lose my amaysim credit because of the shutdown?

No. However, if you don't upgrade your phone, your coverage could be reduced when you’re outside the Optus 3G network after 3 April 2017. We highly recommend that you upgrade your mobile well in advance of this date to ensure your service stays free of interruptions.

Your amaysim account itself is not impacted and your SIM will continue to work in a 3G dual-band or 4G phone. You may need a new SIM if your new phone requires a different SIM size, in which case you need to get a replacement SIM.

When is this happening again?

Our carrier, Optus will be gradually switching 2G off from 1 August 2017. We highly recommend that you upgrade your mobile well in advance of this date to ensure your service stays free of interruptions.

What is the 2G network?

The 2G network is one of Australia’s first mobile networks. It was introduced in 1993 and allows customers to make calls and send texts but not much else. Most older phones will be 2G or 3G single-band, whilst newer models will be 3G dual-band or 4G.

What is 3G single band?

The 3G network is a more modern mobile network. 3G single band is the technology that lets you use data. When 3G single band phones are used outside of the Optus 3G network’s coverage area, your service switches over to the 2G network.

How do I know if my phone is 2G or 3G single-band?

Use our device checker to be 100% sure. To find your IMEI number, type *#06# into your keypad.

How will upgrading my phone improve my mobile experience?

3G and 4G phones are data-ready so you can go online on your phone and do things online when you're out and about. Upgrading to a 4G phone also means you can access the Optus 4G Plus network where you get faster data speeds.

How can I buy a new phone?

Visit the amaysim shop to upgrade to a 3G dual-band or 4G phone.

Do I need a new amaysim SIM?

If you buy your new phone from the amaysim shop, you’ll be automatically sent a new SIM.

If you don’t, you may still need a new SIM depending on what SIM size your new phone requires. See how you can get a replacement SIM.

Your amaysim account itself is not impacted though so you can still use the same amaysim SIM if your new phone uses the same SIM size as your previous phone.

How can I get help?

For help on phone-related questions, email shop@amaysim.com.au. If you’ve got any general questions, our online Help will be the best place to get the information you need.