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Important price change update: From 1 September 2014, amaysim UNLIMITED is changing. It will include a huge 5GB data at a new price of $44.90 per month. Learn more about these changes.

Our 'No Worries' mobile deal – with a whopping 5GB of data.

We're making amaysim UNLIMITED even bigger than before. From 1 September you'll get 5GB of data,
unlimited standard talk & text and voicemail all in Australia for $44.90 per month.

We reckon it's one of the best unlimited mobile deals for one of the lowest prices in Oz. With 5GB of data,
you get some data breathing room, making it easier for you to do more of the stuff you love without breaking the bank.

If I order my sim now, then what?

Starting from 1 September 2014, as each person's amaysim UNLIMITED renews we'll automatically move you on to the
new amaysim UNLIMITED if you're set to auto renew.