Being connected where you are in Australia is important. Your amaysim 3G SIM card is powered by the Optus 3G dual band network (Coverage is subject to network frequency and may require the use of a dual band handset). Optus covers 97% of the Australian population. So your amaysim SIM powered device works in more places.
Your ability to access 3G and 2G services and the location where these services are available within the Optus Open Network, depends on the capability of the device you’re using as well as other factors like demand on the network and even the weather.
For full details of coverage in your area, select your area from the list below:

NSW - Sydney   Wollongong   Newcastle   Broken Hill

VIC - Melbourne


ACT - Canberra

WA - Perth

SA - Adelaide

NT - Darwin

TAS - Hobart


You can see your coverage growing everyday.

Your coverage will improve even more as Optus expands their 3G dual band network. Optus has built, on average, two base stations every day for the past three years. It means a larger network and more coverage for you thanks to your amaysim 3G SIM card.
amaysim MOBILE BROADBAND not available in Northern Territory

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*Use of an external antenna will provide coverage to 97%. Dual Band Network refers to our 2100MHz/900MHz network. Dual Band (2100MHz/900MHz) devices can provide access to 3G services in the Optus Dual Band coverage area. A number of factors may affect coverage including location, demand on the network and use of external antenna.
You will require a Dual Band 2100/900Mhz compatible device to access the Dual Band Network. Please note that not all products & services are available in all locations within coverage areas.
When within a Dual Band network area, your call or data session may also access the GSM/GPRS network if your handset supports GSM/GPRS 900Mhz.
Optus prepares mobile coverage maps using the latest available data, tools and techniques to map Optus Mobile Network as accurately as possible.
However, as with any network based on radio technology, handset quality or local conditions may prevent or interfere with mobile reception within coverage areas ? e.g., inside concrete buildings, lift wells, basements, tunnels and road cuttings. High rise buildings may also suffer degradation of service and these maps are not an indication of in-building coverage.
Our coverage maps may show planned rollout. These predictions are based on rollout schedules available at the time of publication and they may be subject to change without notice should circumstances require.

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