Activate my SIM

Thanks for choosing amaysim. You will need to have your SIM handy to get started.amaysim SIM Starter Pack

Bought online?
If you bought a SIM online just follow the steps below, you'll just need to know which delivery service you selected. Don't forget if you are bringing your number to amaysim you'll also need to start the number transfer in My amaysim.

  • 3 Hour Delivery:
    Go to My amaysim and enter your SIM number (ICCID) to complete your activation
  • Next Day or Standard delivery:
    Just pop out the amaysim SIM card and put it into your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Bought at a retail store or through The Mobile Shop?
If you bought your amaysim SIM from a retail store or through The Mobile Shop you’ll need the following info to activate:

  • Your amaysim SIM Pack
  • Your personal details (i.e. name, residential address)
  • Credit/debit card or bank account details for direct debit.
  • An unlocked mobile, tablet or mobile broadband device

If you are bringing your number we need a few more details:

  • If you are bringing over a Prepaid service you will need to enter your Date of Birth
  • If you are bringing over a Postpaid service you will need your account number which can be found on your currents providers invoice.

Choose from our mobile and data products below, click “Activate” and follow the steps. 

Activate a Mobile Plan


amaysim AS YOU GO (90 day expiry)

Perfect for occasional users.

amaysim FLEXI $19.90 (30 day expiry)

Perfect for all-rounders.

amaysim UNLIMITED $44.90 (30 day expiry)

Perfect for chatterboxes.


Activate a Data Pack


1GB $9.90 (30 days) all in Oz.

For occasional use like surfing the web.

2.5GB $19.90 (30 days) all in Oz.

For moderate users e.g. who like to download music.

4GB $29.90 (30 days) all in Oz.

For heavier users e.g. who love YouTube.

10GB $99.90 (365 days) all in Oz.

For a year's online fun for the moneywise.

$0.05 FOR 1MB all in Oz.

Use what you want when you want. You're in control.