Here are a few benefits of the nbn to help you on your way to getting connected.

what makes the nbn awesome?

a broadband buddy you can count on

We’re using more devices than ever before – so rock solid internet has never been so important. The nbn provides a more reliable connection compared to ADSL, 4G wireless broadband and cable, meaning less frustration and delays in our digital days.

superfast internet

Like to go fast? You’ll love the nbn. With speeds reaching up to 100 Mbps (that’s megabits per second) you’ll be able to conduct all your favourite internet activities with ease - nightlong Netflix binges included.

all the entertainment

Get your daily dose of data without disruption, even if you’re sharing with your family or roomies. Comfortably stream 4K videos, download and upload snaps to social media, online shop and so much more without household tiffs over who gets to use the net when. All the entertainment, all the time.

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That makes it even more awesome – right? All amaysim nbn plans are designed to be amazingly simple, with plenty of options to suit your needs and budget, plus flexibility you just won’t find elsewhere.

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Unlimited data, superfast speeds, no lock-in contracts.

amaysim nbn in a nutshell

no contracts. ever.

no lock-in contracts

Stay with amaysim nbn because you want to, not because you have to.

unlimited data

unlimited data

Stream, browse and download to your heart’s content with unlimited nbn plans.

no hidden nasties

no hidden nasties

Cheap nbn plans, $0 activation fee. What you see is what you get.

see if your home is nbn-ready

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answers at your fingertips

What is the nbn?

Quick answer

There’s a growing need in Australia for a high-speed broadband network to meet our demands for fast and reliable internet access.

The National Broadband Network (nbn for short) is an upgrade to Australia’s existing broadband network designed specifically for the high-speed transfer of internet traffic.

As the national rollout of the nbn speeds up, many parts of Australia’s existing broadband network will be switched off to make way for the new one. To make the most of the superfast speeds of the nbn, you’ll have to switch to a nbn-ready plan before the old internet is switched off in your area.

How does the nbn work?

Quick answer

The nbn uses a mix of fixed-line and wireless broadband technologies to connect Australian homes to faster internet.

Each address in the country is mapped by the nbn to determine the technology used to service your home. Internet service providers (like amaysim) are then granted access to this technology to deliver customers their own products.

How fast is the nbn compared to normal broadband?

Quick answer

Awesome news – the nbn can be faster than most regular broadband connections. ADSL2+ download speeds can reach up to 24/Mbps, but that tends to get slower the further you live from an exchange. The nbn has the potential to reach up to 100/Mbps (hint hint, that’s superfast) and support multiple devices connected at the same time.

With most ADSL2+ connections downloading at an average of 6/Mbps, it means the speed of your amaysim nbn plan (regardless of the speed you choose) should be noticeably faster.

Will the nbn actually make my internet faster?

Quick answer

In most cases, the nbn will provide faster speeds than existing broadband networks in Australia (#winning!).

If you’re currently using a cable broadband service, the speed of your amaysim nbn plan may be similar to what you’re already getting, but since nbn technology relies less on your home’s proximity to an exchange to deliver fast internet, you should enjoy a speedier and more reliable internet connection

When will I get nbn at my house?

Quick answer

The nbn is already available at over 4 million households nationwide. With 20,000 new activations each week, the rollout should be complete by 2020.

amaysim can let you know when your home will be nbn-ready and the network technology that’ll be used to service your address so you can plan ahead and prepare for your home to connect.

If your home is already nbn-ready, take a look at our plans – they all come with unlimited data, no lock-in contracts or activation fees, so all you’ll ever have to do is pick your speed.

Is the nbn worth the hype?

Quick answer

Think of all the things you love to do on the internet these days – we’re all indulging in Netflix binges, internet shopping sprees and endless entertainment sessions. The problem is that the current internet network was only ever designed to make phone calls, so it’s not quite up to scratch for what we need it to do today.

The nbn has been designed specifically for the high-speed transfer of data, future-proofing all Aussie homes for our growing demands for high-speed and reliable internet.

We’ll all be connected to the nbn by 2020, so if you want to make the most of the superfast speeds you’ll have to switch to a nbn-ready plan before your old internet is switched off.

Do I even need to switch to the nbn?

Quick answer

Long story short: yes, if you want home broadband you’ll need to switch to the nbn.

If you’re in an area where nbn fibre is available (or scheduled to be rolled out), your existing landline and internet services will be switched off. From the time the nbn becomes available in your area, you’ll have 18 months to migrate your existing services across to an nbn service provider.

Rather than waiting to switch at the end of the 18-month period, we recommend switching as soon as the nbn is available in your area – that way you can scope out the best nbn plan for you and won’t risk losing your existing services once the old network is switched off.

It also means you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of the nbn sooner rather than later!

Why sign up to amaysim’s nbn service?

Quick answer

Here at amaysim we’ve been keeping Aussies’ lives hassle-free for over six years with our great value, no lock-in contract mobile and data-only plans.

With unlimited data, no lock-in contracts or activation fees, our nbn plans will do the same, giving you ultimate freedom and choice that you can’t get anywhere else. All you’ll ever have to do with amaysim nbn is pick your speed – simple!

How reliable is amaysim’s nbn service?

Quick answer

amaysim’s nbn services are designed to make your broadband experience amazingly simple. With unlimited data and superfast speeds, you’ll get a fast and reliable internet connection when it matters most.

How do I sign up to amaysim nbn?

Quick answer

With unlimited data, superfast speeds and no lock in contracts, we’ve made choosing an internet plan for your home straightforward.

The process to sign up is straightforward and once you’ve checked your address is nbn-ready, simply pick your speed and you’ll be able to sign up online.

If your home can be connected remotely, your amaysim nbn service can usually be activated within two days of signing up. The process can, however, take 2-3 weeks if an nbn technician needs to install equipment in your home and amaysim will let you how you’ll be connected once you’ve let us know your address.