so what is FTTC?

Prior to becoming nbn-ready, every address in the country is mapped by the nbn™ to determine the type of network technology used to service your address, with each technology being installed in its own unique way.

FTTC connections are used in circumstances where fibre is extended close to your premises, connecting to a small Distribution Point Unit (DPU) which is generally located inside a pit on the street. From here, existing copper wiring is used to connect the fibre to form the final part of your connection

The first batch of FTTC connections (200,000 premises) we’re connected in March 2018, with more than one million premises set to be available for FFTC by 2020.

excuse us while we get technical for a second

Get ready because things are about to get a little complicated.

The nbn has Points on Interconnect (POIs) around the country that connect to the wider internet. These tend to be located in the old telephone exchange building in each suburb.

From these POIs a fibre optic cable connects to nbn nodes (purpose-built street cabinets) which are closer to your house. For FTTC, the fibre optic cable extends to a Distribution Point (DPU) which is placed near the kerb of your house.

From this distribution point, existing copper cabling will be used to run the nbn from the DPU to your premises.

nbn™ FTTC setup

FTTP Equipment

For FTTC connections, the nbn™ will provide you with a special connection device that needs to be installed inside your home.

amaysim recommends keeping the following things in mind when choosing where you want the connection device to be installed:

  • Choose a cool, dry ventilated area away from any water outlets
  • Choose an area that’s easily accessible in case you need to check the connection status lights

The key thing to remember is that your connection device should be installed in a location that you’re completely comfortable with.

Once your nbn™connection device is set up and your service is activated, you'll need to connect it to an nbn-ready modem, which can be purchased when you first sign-up to amaysim (recommended).It's a NetComm NF18ACV modem which is a high quality nbn-ready modem at a great price!

not sure if the nbn is available in your area?

simply let us know your address and we'll let you know